Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Wipeout" 6/28- SUMMER '12 SEASON PREMIERE

This is the second annual Hotties vs. Nerds episode. John Henson's also a producer of the show as of this season.
Opener: Spinning Blades of Fandimodium (w/ two Motivators)
$500 BB Object: Nerdy Ballsy
Third: Pound-a-Bout (avoid the rotating Sweeper arms & the holes on the platforms)
And Finally: "Ghoul Trouble" (a new back & forth moving "room" w/ surprises galore)


Andrew "Numismatist" Hart, Jr.: 3:09.9
Alec "Brass Man" Morse: 1:48.6
Melissa Bull: ELIMINATED (the time to beat was 3:50)

Other Nerds
: Ari "Dorky Kong" Grant, Mark DeShazo, Jonathan DiShaw & Edel Sinson

Hotties: Amanda "Blackjack Buster" Gulyas, Trisha "Babe-o-Rade" Ayer, "Nasty Nat" Natalie DeWindt, Shea Carter, Whitney  "Modest Model" Cordray & Brynn Vest

Starting on a spinning peppermint-colored platform, the players have to jump from one rotating yellow/red Sweeper Cross to the other while on one of its four blue planks. From a blue/yellow spinning platform at the Midway stage, they then have to dodge a sidewinder w/ the title of this program on it & then slide down to hopefully the finish platform.

Advancing to Round 3:

1. Trisha
2. Whitney
3. Amanda
4. Ari
5. Alec
6. Nat

Petrified Forest
At least the debut edition has a "Hunger Games" theme. It starts w/ a zip-line to the One Tree Forest, at which point they have to jump to a small, rocking mud pit (where they could be hit by the two fake arrow shooters from above) to the finish zone. And they're all wearing animal hats.


1. Whitney
2. Amanda
3. Ari

Bombastic Blob (which launches via a half-ton steel bar)/Swing Blades/Torrential Twisters (which spin counter-clockwise)/Tectonic Planks (you must get over at least one of the two pegs above each plank before you can try jumping to the next plank)


: 12:24.64

: 9:03.71

: 7:51.48- WIN!
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