Monday, July 09, 2012

"American Ninja Warrior" 7/9- VEGAS ROUNDS BEGIN

The 100 contestants who made it to Vegas are the Top 15 from each of the six regions (Southwest, Northeast, Midwest, Mid-South, Northwest & Southeast), plus 10 Wild Cards. The first 68 runs of Stage 1 in Vegas were aired on G4 last night.

Step Slider/Rolling Log/Giant Swing/Jumping Spider/Half Pipe Attack/Warped Wall/Spinning Bridge/Final Climb (2:10 time limit)


Kevin Klein- FAIL ON JS W/ 1:29.43 LEFT
Stephen Volcko (who's competed in every season, but this is his first time getting this far)- FAIL ON JS W/ 1:34.07 LEFT
Michael Eckert- FAIL ON JS
Arthur Skov- FAIL ON JS
Selena Laniel (an acrobat from San Diego who's a WC)- FAIL ON JS W/ 1:11 LEFT
Remi Bakkar- 19.02 LEFT
Jaret Salas- FAIL ON WW
Justin Sweeney- FAIL ON JB'S LAST BALL
J.J. Woods- FAIL ON HPA W/ 1:13.83 LEFT
Kelvine Antoine- FAIL ON GS W/ 1:31.23 LEFT
Elet Hall- :24 LEFT
Chris Wilczewski- 8.74 LEFT
Brent Steffensen- :29 LEFT
Jack Morgan- FAIL ON GS
Sean Noble- 16.8 LEFT
Kyle Cochran- FAIL ON JB'S THIRD BALL W/ 50.37 LEFT
Travis Rosen- :19 LEFT
Brian Arnold- 11.84 LEFT
Kole Stevens- 27.67 LEFT

Also definitely going on are Derek Nakamoto (1:34.4), Lorin Ball (1:37.22), Danny Johnson (1:42.31), Paul Darnell (1:44.98), Ben Snead (1:47.02), Ahmed Toure (1:47.56), J.B. Douglas (1:57.5), Will Dodd (2:02.23), Josh Lobeck (2:06.08) & Nathaniel Spencer (on the money).

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connan said...

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