Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Chopped" 7/17

Joe Rego (executive chef at Club Opera in Atlanta; he's originally from Portugal & he wants to win so that he can pay to see his daughter more often)
Alex Friedman (exec. chef/owner of Pcheem in downtown Atlanta; has a short fuse)
Brigeth Brookins (sous chef at the banquets department inside The Cosmopolitan in Vegas; she has some purple in her hair; moved to France to study Art History & wants to start a goat firm)
Willie Box (exec. chef at 793 Juniper in Atlanta)

Appetizer R:
Pink grapefruit, seafood sausage, wasabi peas & cream of coconut

Joe: Seared seafood sausage arugula salad w/ chipotle peppers & apples

Alex: Seafood sausage & pepper salad w/ mirin & bell pepper
Brigeth: Spinach salad w/ seafood sausage, wine & onions
Willie: Seared seafood sausage over grits w/ wine & chive


Entree R:
Clove liqueur, bistec norteno, butternut squash & orzo

Willie: Five-spice rubbed bistec over fried orzo w/ honey, eggs & white wine vinegar

Joe: Chile & clove bistec w/ butternut puree, guajillo chiles, orange zest & cream
Brigeth: Sous-wide bistec w/ butternut squash hash, rosemary & apple


Dessert R:
Red Jalapenos, shortbread cookies, sharon fruit & cream cheese frosting

Joe: Roulade w/ cream cheese filling & pine nuts

Willie: Napoleon (originally a rolled crepe) filled w/ cream cheese mousse & orange liqueur

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