Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Cupcake Wars" 7/15

Ashley McCreary & Megan Oliver (sweet little things & co.; if they win, they could build their own storefront)
Karen Henderson & Jamie Stall (Lila & Sage)
Darlene Swain & Abby Howe (Darla's Cake Design; they also want a storefront)
Amy Lung & Tammy Dunwoody (the Art of Cake)

Guest Judge:
Kate Walsh (who has introduced the perfume Dira Necessitas Billionaire Boyfriend & will be holding a VIP party; the winners went there)

(featuring scented ingredients):

Amy & Tammy: Vanilla w/ plum white wine brown sugar compote filling, orange blossom honey, fresh orange juice & cream cheese frosting
Karen & Jamie: Lavender & honey w/ vanilla tangerine mascarpone frosting
Darlene & Abby: Rosewater raspberry w/ vanilla bean cream filling, rosewater buttercream topping & raspberry drizzle
Ashley & Megan: Lemongrass glazed w/ all-natural honey, raspberry honey butter cream, fresh lemon zest, lemongrass shreds & raspberries- LOSS

T & P R:

K & J:

1. Black velvet w/ dark chocolate ganache filling, anise, Italian meringue filling & white chocolate B
2. Champagne w/ fresh raspberry white chocolate filling, white chocolate buttercream, fresh raspberry & fondant pearl
3. Toasted almond w/ salted rose buttercream & mascarpone rose

A & T:

1. Dark chocolate w/ cognac frosting, cherries cooked in cognac & cognac ganache
2. Strawberry champagne w/ champagne frosting & reduced champagne syrup
3. Upside-down pineapple w/ rum whipped cream, graham cracker crust, cooked pineapple filling & chocolate seashell w/ "sand" on top of it

D & A:

1. Lavender w/ scented whipped cream & fondant B w/ silver glitter
2. Chocolate w/ chocolate cream cheese frosting, chocolate chunks, red rose & grain leaf
3. Orange w/ champagne orange buttercream & golden fondant $


1K C R:

Karen & Jamie: Blingy stuff w/ shelves
Amy & Tammy: Super tacht w/ shelves, dark blue tablecloth & moon silhouette
  Karen & Jamie
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