Sunday, July 08, 2012

"Cupcake Wars" 7/8

Alyssa Logan & her mom ('83 Sweets)
Martha Aguilera & Brianna (Kokolita Cakes)
Jenica Braddock & mom Crystal (Dreamy Creations Bakery- Jenica's been on the show once before, but her team lost in the first round because of a chicken cupcake)
Jace Robinson & Marie (Lick It, Bite It Or Both)

Stand Up for Skate Parks event at the Red Rock in Vegas (hosted by Tony Hawk)

The creations in this round have to do w/ Venice, CA.

DCB: Vegan carrot w/ coconut, sunflower seeds, alfalfa, carob, pineapple & a vegan cream cheese frosting w/ sprinkled cinnamon

LI, BI O B: Avocado lemon w/ mango cream cheese frosting & toasted sunflower seeds
'83 S: Carob w/ avocado, sunflower butter frosting & candy-coated sunflower seeds- FIRST PLACE
KC: Cinnamon hummus w/ avocado cream cheese frosting & candied sesame seeds

Lick It, Bite It Or Both

T & P R:


1. Chocolate w/ coffee liqueur mousse filling, coffee buttercream frosting & blue Tony Hawk Foundation logo
2. Lemon w/ fresh strawberry filling, lemon buttercream, standing sugar & fondant halfpipe
3. Cookies & cream cheese w/ filling & white chocolate skateboard

'83 S:

1. "Kick Flip" spicy fresh apple w/ butterscotch buttercream frosting, Cayenne pepper, melted flame hard candy & chocolate cookie wheel
2. "Twist" orange w/ orange & lime curd frosting & sprinkled dark chocolate skateboard
3. Hot chocolate fudge w/ filling, deviled vanilla cream, chocolate sprinkles, cherry & a chocolate sprinkle "Sweet Landing" ramp


1. Blueberry pie w/ filling, blueberry banana buttercream, blueberry Italian meringue buttercream, pie crumbs & a pie dough X
2. Rocky road chocolate w/ marshmallow buttercream, pecans, marshmallow Italian buttercream & chocolate skateboard w/ marshmallow wheels
3. Banana dipped in chocolate w/ French banana buttercream icing, Italian chocolate icing & gold star w/ a T inside

Kokolita Cakes

1K C R:

'83 S: Graffiti ramps w/ glass shelves & skateboards on the sides

DCB: Black skater silhouette w/ "SKATE" directly under it

Jenica & Crystal
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