Monday, July 16, 2012

"Fear factor" 7/16

As you may or may not know, Sarah & Keith have WITHDRAWN. As a result, the two teams who lost on the last episode were brought back.
Sudden Death Second Chance Round:
There are lots of Madagascar hissing cockroaches in a jar & each member of the previous losing teams randomly chose a numbered mostly black ball amongst the cockroaches. The team w/ the highest combined numerical total got back into the game.

Ronnie (3) + Andrea (2)
= 5

Davi (6) + Jessica (N/A)

$5K Stunt:
In a four-floor filled w/ fire, one teammate has to grab up to four glowing red bags on each of the first three floors while being weighed down by 70 pounds of fire gear. At the top, their partner's blown off the roof via a detonator & s/he must toss their bags at a target.

Jessica & Davi
- 7'3"

Amy Jo & Earl

Pauline & Shane
- 6'8"

Semi-Final Stunt:
One member for each of the first two duos gets strapped to an eight-space Wheel of Misfortune & depending on where it stops, they had to each either get their heads shaved & their eyebrows ripped off, get a tattoo or be sprayed w/ tear gas for a minute inside the containers (two spaces for each), unless it lands on one of the two Spin Again spaces. If a team fulfilled their spun assignment, they definitely moved onto the final round.

Davi & Jessica

Amy Jo & Earl

Shane & Pauline

(Notes: After a non-SA space was landed on, both spaces for that task were covered on the wheel for the rest of the round. Also, Joe's currently bald himself on the UFC telecasts.)

Half of each team hung upside down on a crane & they had to grab as many flags as they could attached to a marked dark green Chrysler Sebring Convertible w/ white stripes while they were going through a barrier-laden course. Most flags the fastest won the top prize.

Earl & Amy Jo
- 11
Jessica & Davi
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