Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Fear factor" 7/9

This was the first part of the other $100K episode of the revival titled "Leaches & Shaved Heads & Tear Gas, Oh My!".


Ronnie & Andrea (dating)
Keith & Sarah (a married couple who wanted to go overseas to do mission & social work)
Davi & Jessica (the former name's male)
Earl & Amy Jo (dating)
Shane & Pauline

First Stunt:
One teammate was wrapped in chains & fastened to a tree hanging over the edge of a 400-foot cliff. While on the helicopter over the canyon, their partner had to climb down & release all five of the flags on its hanging ladder (at the same time, the handcuffed teammate tried to unlock themselves w/ a series of 10 keys) in order to release their handcuffed partner from a tree via a ripcord towards that helicopter over 600 ft. away.

Andrea & Ronnie
- 2:04

Sarah & Keith
- 1:27.1

Davi & Jessica
- 5:35

Amy Jo & Earl
- 2:45.4

Pauline & Shane
- 2:17

Stunt #2:
The ladies were forced to sit in a bathtub w/ thousands of leeches for :30 before they ran to their guys, who would then suck 30 leeches off of their bodies. Then, both teammates had to eat 10 leeches, one at a time.

Andrea & Ronnie
- 4:47

Sarah & Keith4:46.3

Pauline & Shane- 4:03
Amy Jo & Earl- 4:35

So far, Davi & Jessica and Andrea & Ronnie were eliminated.
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