Monday, July 16, 2012

"Hell's Kitchen" 7/16

Challenge #10: Barbie & Tiffany and Brian & Justin are chosen to challenge Joey Chestnut to a chicken wing-eating challenge. Whoever eats all of their wings (Joey or the four selected chefs) first wins/splits a $500 bonus.
WINNER(S)- Joey (60-53)

R1: Beets, shallots, turkey & pineapple

Christina: Beets, onions, tofu & pineapple
Brian: Beets, onions, "very dry turkey" & pineapple

R2: Grits, turnips, sea bass & cilantro

Barbie: Cauliflower, carrots, crab & cilantro
Robyn: Rice, carrots, halibut & tarragon

R3: Lamb, sweet potatoes, eggplant & walnuts

Clemenza: Chicken, mango, turnips & peanuts
Tiffany: Chicken, carrots, green beans & walnuts

Scallops, fig, radishes & sunchokes

Dana: Tofu, fig, radishes & carrots (6)
Justin: Scallops, fig, radishes & sunchokes- WIN W/ FIRST-EVER PERFECT SCORE! (7)

The BT won a day at Raging Waters in San Dimas, CA, while the RT had Delivery Day.
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