Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"MasterChef" 7/24

IMPORTANT NOTE: After the Summer Olympics, first-run episodes will air Tuesdays at 9 PM EST for the rest of the season.
Mystery Box #8:
Santa Barbara spot prawns

Top Three:

Becky: Grilled prawns w/ salsa verde & saffron rice
Christine: Spot prawns w/ pineapple broth
David: Spot prawn ceviche- WIN

Using bacon, corn & beets, a dessert must be made.

- Corn (& he gets three examples of desserts featuring that ingredient as another part of his advantage this week; also, he had five minutes to shop in the pantry)


David: Corn & rice pudding w/ salted caramel sauce (Becky had to provide the rice because he forgot it)
Becky: "Classy & Trashy" popcorn & panna cotta- ET WINNER & CAPTAIN
Christine: Corn & coconut pudding
Monti: Corn souflee
Felix: Corn profiteroles
Frank: Corn budino w/ chocolate ganache- CAPTAIN
Josh: Corn creme brulee

Felix (Dishonorable mentions: David & Josh)
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