Tuesday, July 03, 2012

"MasterChef" 7/3

Mystery Box #4: Rabbit, cape gooseberries, purple Brussels Sprouts, Maitake mushrooms, ramps, forbidden rice, chorizo, ginger & heavy whipping cream


Frank: Rabbit two ways w/ vegetable medley & gooseberry reduction
Mike: Leg of rabbit w/ forbidden rice & Brussels Sprouts
Becky: Braised leg of rabbit w/ carrots, mushrooms & ramps- WIN


Theme: Tools of the Trade
Choices: Pizza stone, wok & deep fryer

Becky: Deep fryer

Everyone else: Pizza stone


Mike: Oven-roasted lobster w/ vegetables & rice (he was really hoping to make a pizza, though)
Becky: Shrimp Tempura w/ curry sauce & yuca chips
Christine: Indian flatbread w/ chicken & fried egg
Monti: Roasted carrot soup w/ Irish soda bread- WIN
David: Smoked lobster w/ oven-roasted potatoes & bacon
Tali: Three cheese pizza w/ duck breast & creme fraiche sauce (he also messed up his workstation)
Tanya: Lamb cutlets w/ olive flatbread & roasted garlic yogurt

Mike, David & Tanya

ELIMINATED- Mike & Tanya
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