Thursday, July 05, 2012

New "Big Brother" houseguests & twist revealed

Ashley Iocco (West Hollywood, CA; originally from Pittsburgh, PA)- Mobile spray tanning company owner
Danielle Murphree (Tuscaloosa, AL; originally from Grant, AL)- Nurse
Frank Eudy (Naples, FL; originally from Marion, AR)- Son of pro wrestler (Sycho) Sid Vicious
Ian Terry (New Orleans; originally from Pittsburgh)- Engineering student
Jenn Arroyo (Brooklyn, NY)- Former bass player for Kittie
Jodi Rollins (Calipatria, CA; originally from Englewood, CO)- Caterer
Joe Arvin (Schererville, IN; originally from Lexington, KY)- Chef
JoJo Spatafora (Staten Island)- Bartender
Kara Monaco (L.A.; originally from Orlando)- Model
Shane Meaney (Bennington, VT)- House flipper
Wil Heuser (Louisville, KY)- Consultant
Willie Hantz (Dayton, TX; originally from Vinton, LA)- Tankerman & Russell's brother

Four of the program's best players will return to play their own game for their own separate grand prize this season. I have a feeling Rachel Reilly's one of them.

Various sources contributed to this report.
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