Sunday, July 22, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: July 23-29, 2012

Just before the '12 Summer Olympics begin this coming weekend, watch the following:

-Will anyone turn in a gold medal-worthy performance that's good enough to become the first-ever "American Ninja Warrior"?

-The annual "Wipeout Blind Date" episode.

-The last civilian week of the season on "Jeopardy!".

Also, "The Singing Bee" airs its 50th (& possibly final) episode on CMT & more next week on GSK.

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oaklandfan2kx said...

Also Next week in GSK

project RUNWAY: After the first week of project RUNWAY finished we've hired 4 new members to the Heidi Klum Cheerleading Squad (Alexandra Wynne, Faren Collins, Iman Payne and Jasmine Rivers), in addition Brittany Bass and Kelly Brown didn't appear on the GSK project RUNWAY: All-Stars Recaps but did credited on the finale of that show and newcomer Lacey Ogburn to the show.

Next Week's Random Model Assignment List (Now with Decoy Models for the First time this week)

Ven Badhu: Haile Noel & Amelia Lowe
Lantie Foster: Lacee Teel* & TBA [D]
Andrea Katz: Lindley Jones & Sonia Niekrasz
Christopher Palu: Iman Payne & TBA [D]
Alicia Hardesty: Kelly Brown & Audrey Case
Elena Silvnyak: Lacey Ogburn (Varina HS Alum) & TBA
Buffi Jashanmal: Rae Hight & Karli Babcock
Dmitry Sholokov: Kate Wilson* & TBA
Kooan Kosuke: Alexandra Wynne & Amber Jackson
Gunnar Deatherage: Eden Viza & TBA
Nathan Paul: Kyler Manjone* & Brittany Bass
Sonjia Williams: Hannah Herreid* & TBA
Melissa Fleis: Jessamine Kelley & Jennae Calhoun (from Take Me Out on FOX)
Raul Osorio: Elaina Williams & TBA
Fabio Costa: Jasmine Costa & Tiffany Maher

*Real Season 10 project RUNWAY Model alert

TBA = Any Female Varina HS Student during the Bobby McBride Years (that includes Lacey Ogburn despite she got protected on Elena Slivnyak in order to add another Lacee to it (Lacee Teel is assigned to Lantie Foster)

Disclaimer: All models are Subject to Change

Designated Runway Order Song for Week 2 of Season 10 of project RUNWAY: "Hit the Lights" by Selena Gomez & The Scene (Bobby will comment that the They Won Best Single by a Group in the 2012 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday)

But if Models Names were shown for Episode 2 of Season 10 of project RUNWAY the Designated Runway Order Song will now Be: "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
And if this Happens The Following Models will get Last Names to be used in the Runway Are: Lacee (Teel), Iman (Payne), Kate (Wilson), Alexandra (Wynne), Kyler (Manjone), Hannah (Herreid) & Elaina (Williams)
And The Others will be playing their role as Decoy Models are (Designer in Parenthesis): Amelia Lowe* (Ven Badhu), Eliana Girard* (Andrea Katz), Audrey Case* (Alicia Hardesty), Elena Silvnyak (Rae Hight), Karli Babcock (Buffi Jashanmal), Amber Jackson* (Kooan Kosuke), Alexa Anderson* (Gunnar Detherage), Brittany Bass (Nathan Paul), Jessamine Kelley (Melissa Fleis), Tiffany Maher* (Fabio Costa)
As for the Remaining 5 Designers (if "Call Me Maybe"): We Could Get 5 Varina High Schoolgirls during the Bobby McBride Years and 1 may contain a Girl named Lacey in the Runway (If the other Lacee (Teel) could walk down the runway

*SYTYCD Contestant in Asterisks

So That's All we got for Next Week on GSK.