Thursday, July 19, 2012


Click this link for more information on this season's designers. 

Remember, the car that's included in this season's grand prize package is the most expensive one they've ever offered- a 2013 Lexus GS 350 worth $47,775!

First Challenge:
Each designer had to make two looks that they would present in front of Times Square.

Opening mood Budget: $100

Guest Judges:
Lauren Graham & Patricia Field (the latter of whom was the show's first-ever GJ & she was the costume designer on "Ugly Betty")

"Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles (which was the first song ever heard on MTV)

1. Ven Badhu (Haile Noel & Alyssa Pasek)

2. Beatrice Guapo (Brittany Bass & Jennifer Bell)
3. Lantie Foster (Karli Babcock & Lisa Clarke)
4. Andrea Katz (Lindley Jones & Sonia Niekrasz)
5. Christopher Palu (Elaina Williams & Audrey Case)
6. Alicia Hardesty (Kelly Brown & Lisa Hall)
7. Elena Slivnyak (Tatjana Sinkevica & Lacey Ogburn)
8. Buffi Jashanmal (Rae Hight & Ashley Kirby)
9. Dmitry Sholokov (Kelly Dahlen & Annie Leffingwell)
10. Kooan Kosuke (Alexandra Wynne & Amber Jackson)
11. Gunnar Deatherage (Eden Viza & Sveta Glebova)
12. Nathan Paul (Amy Meanley-Covington & Yvonne Redford)
13. Sonjia Williams (Faren Collins & Tammy Harlow)
14. Melissa Fleis (Jessamine Kelley & Melanie Moore)
15. Raul Osorio (Iman Payne & Janelle Issis)
16. Fabio Costa (Jasmine Rivers & Tiffany Maher)

Christopher (Runners-up: Ven & Melissa)

OUT- Beatrice (Dishonorable mentions: Lantie & Kooan)
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