Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Redneck Island" 7/14

Cargo Box of the Week: Several cans of ice cold beer

All but three of those cans went to an auction.

1. Cheese pizza (8, then 6 before six castmates each gave up a beer for their own slice)

2. Three chocolate bars (8)- SOLD TO CATHERINE
3. Coffee w/ cream & sugar (4)- SOLD TO ADAM WITHOUT THE CREAM
4. Fried chicken w/ coleslaw (18)- SOLD TO BOBO FOR 8
5. Hot dogs w/ the fixings (8; the fixings were worth just half that)
6. Peanut butter & jelly sandwich (3)
7. Ice cube (N/A)
8. Fruits & vegetables- NO SALE (21 cans left at the end)

The Reckoning #5:
One teammate was designated the "groom" & had to build a 16-piece wedding cake (w/ the topper) while avoiding getting shot by paintballs from a blindfolded "dad"; the shooters joined their "mom" on a tower. If a groom got hit by a paintball, s/he had to go back to the altar, but s/he couldn't be shot once they crossed an orange safety zone. The winners got to eat their own three-tier chocolate cake.

Eric & Catherine

GROOMS- Adam & Tex

(Notes: Adam injured a leg & felt ill midway in the challenge, but continued. Also, Catherine's pet chicken was named Pearl.)

Catherine voted to eliminate Bobo, while Eric voted to send home Catherine. Bobo presumably voted against Eric...& Eric LOST w/ the other two votes.

(Final note: I think Steve was cooking rotisserie chicken at "his place".)
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