Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Big Brother" 8/26

HoH Competition #7 ("Hole Some Strings"): Using the strings, each houseguest tried to raise the bar & get a ball into as high of a number as possible from 1-25. After the post-first round rankings were determined, a tournament was held; each round's winner thereafter was determined by whoever got their ball into the hole w/ an arrow on top of it. The eventual HoH also had to name the sole Have-Not for the week.


Danielle: 8
Frank: 5
Shane: 17
Jenn: 6
Joe: 10
Britney: 7
Bottom Two
(Frank vs. Dan)- FRANK

#5 (Jenn vs. Frank)- FRANK
#4 (Britney vs. Frank)- FRANK
#3 (Danielle vs. Frank)- FRANK
#2 (Joe vs. Frank)- FRANK
#1 (Shane vs. Frank)- FRANK WINS HoH FOR THIRD TIME

Dan was deemed the H-N.

W/ the chance to win up to $10K, Frank went for it & chose three cubes, but when he was finished, he was locked inside for an hour.

1. $1.05

2. $7.11 ($8.16)
3. $3,333.33 ($3,341.49)

The ? cube inside that 50-cent crane machine was replaced by a golden PoV ball...which was claimed by Ian & it was raining balls outside)! But he's ineligible to compete in future PoV Competitions until he uses it.

Nomination Order:

1. Jenn
2. Ian
3. Joe
4. Britney

The producers have advised Ian not to use it this week so he can "work" w/ Frank. Guys, this is NOT "The Joe Schmo Show" (that's coming back for Season 3 next year on Spike TV, BTW) or professional wrestling. It's been reported that the production team has come up w/ games &/or twists that favor Frank recently. If Frank should go on to win the $500K at the end of this season (nothing personal to him or his family), either some of the offended houseguests need to take legal action against Fly on the Wall Entertainment/Endemol USA or have any producers involved in this mess fired/pressured to resign.

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Chris Baron said...

Wow, a double elimination and a double PoV in the span of a week. Things are starting to get crazy, and Frank is coming out ahead. Somehow after being on verge of being eliminated all season Frank is starting to look like the big dog. I was talking with a coworker at Dish about weather it is fixed or not, and we basically decided that if it was everyone is in on it. I got a little curious, and luckily my Hopper had automatically recorded this week’s episodes with Primetime Anytime, so I re-watched the competitions to see if there were any signs of Frank cheating. The clover competition could have been fixed, but the labyrinth competition seemed legitimate. I don’t know what the verdict is, but I am glad that I could check all those internet rumors myself.