Friday, August 24, 2012

DEBUT: "The American Bible Challenge"

In the first round of competition, the winners will receive $20K for their charity & move one step closer to another $100K. The first three aired teams:

Suburban Saints

Minnie's Food Pantry
Gospel Geezers

Questions are worth +/- 10 points & all of the teammates compete.

First Category:

1. What sign did God establish as a promise that he would never flood the Earth again- morning dew, lunar eclipse, rainbow or pinky swear?

Ricky (SS): Rainbow

2. After an exhausting journey, the ark rested...on top of what mountain- Mount Horeb, Mount Sinai, Mount Ararat or Mount N' Dew?

Ricky: Ararat (20)

3. What feathered friend of Noah left the ark & ultimately didn't return- dove, quail, eagle or turkey?

Ned (SS): Dove (30)

There's a choir performing in the studio.

Each query's worth 25.

Second Category:
FAITHBOOK (these are characters' facebook pages)

1. The Burning Bush: "Let's talk."

Bill (GG): Moses

2. Isaac: "Hey dad. I'm just getting ready for our big getaway to Mount Morah! Um, where's the lamb?". What was his father's name?

Cheryl (MFP): Abraham

3. Ahab: "Challenge accepted!! I'm now sending 450 prophets of Baal to meet you at Mr. Carmel!! Our god will respond with fire first, and nothing can possibly go wrong!!!"

Cheryl: Elijah (50)

4. Matthew: "Hey, don't spend ALL our money on the feast. We don't want this to be our last supper!!"

Ricky: Judas (55)

One member of each team has to sit this round out. The buzzers are taken out of play starting this round, Q's are worth 50 & there are no penalties for wrong answers.

SS: Ron

MFP: Lanett
GG: Bill

Third Category:
IN THE NAME OF "THE LORD OF THE RINGS" (a few lines were read & they either came from The Bible ("Word of the Lord") or "The Lord of the Rings" movies)

1. "The journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path. One that we must all take."

GG: "Lord of the Rings"- YES (75- Gandolf)

2. "Then they made two more gold rings and attached them to the bottom of the shoulder pieces..."

SS: "Word of the Lord"- YES (105- Exodus)

3. "Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer."

MFP: "The Lord of the Rings"- YES (100- Sam to Frodo)

Fourth Category:
KIDS SAYETH THE CUTEST THINGS (a clip of Mary Margaret's story of Jonah was displayed; her YouTube video has 500K+ hits)

1. Before Jonah was hurled into the sea, what was he doing when the storm first hit- preaching. sleeping or eating?

SS: Sleeping- YES (155)

2. After the fish spit him out, Jonah warned the people of Nineveh they were in danger. What did the people do in Jonah 3:5, hoping for God's compassion- they banished Jonah, they sacrificed goats or they fasted (the text of this Q was different when it was completely shown on screen)?

GG: They fasted- YES (125)

3. Hoping not to be fish food, Jonah prayed. In his prayer from inside the fish, what does Jonah say was wrapped around his head- seaweed, darkness or God's arms?

MFP: God's arms- NO (A: Seaweed, which they never said)

The Chosen Three:
The three benched players are the only ones to answer the Q's in this round. There are six answer possibilities per query & half of them are right. Each right answer's worth 100 & the team w/ the lowest score at the end of this round will be eliminated.

Ron: According to the Gospel descriptions, which three of these items were at The Last Supper- towel, table, fork, oven, swords or olive oil?

Guesses: Towel, table & olive oil (355)(A: Swords)

(Note: The reveal of each correct answer's handled similarly to One Away on "The Price is Right".)

Lanett: Which three of these are physical attributes of God mentioned in The Old Testament- Eyes of the Lord, Chin of God, Arm of the Lord, Rib of the Lord, Foot of God or Finger of God?

Guesses: Eyes of the Lord, Arm of the Lord & Fnger of God (400)

Bill: According to Biblical dietary laws, which three of these animals does The Old Testament say are OK to eat- rabbit, ox, grasshopper, great owl, wild goat or gecko?

Guesses: Rabbit, ox & wild goat- ELIMINATED (325)(A: Grasshopper; his next guess would've been the great owl)

The GGs leave w/ $2.5K.

The final two trios have 10 minutes to read The Bible. Then, one question's asked per teammate down the line for one minute; both teams will be asked the same Q's. The team w/ the most right answers in their minute wins the game.

Final Category: WOMEN OF THE BIBLE

1. What Queen traveled to see Solomon to ask him hard Q's?

Lynette: Bathsheba

2. What's the name of the only female judge of Israel?

Cheryl: Deborah

3. What kingdom was Ruth from?

Lanett: PASS (A: Moab)

4. In Genesis 16, who was the mother of Ishmael?

Lynette: PASS (A: Hagar)

5. What's the name of King David's first wife, the daughter of Saul?

Cheryl: PASS (A: Michal)

6. Jacob had 12 sons; what was the name of his only daughter?

Lanett: Dinah

7. According to Acts 5, what was the name of the woman who lied to Peter about her donation?

Lynette: Sapphira

8. In the Book of Ester, what's the name of the Queen who refused to be paraded around like a trophy wife?

Cheryl: PASS (A: Vashti)

9. What's the name of Ruth's sister-in-law who went part of the way to Bethlehem & then returned to Moab?

Lanett: PASS (A: Orpah)

10. What's the name of Timothy's mom?

Lynette: Lois (A: Eunice)(four right in :40)

SS Order:
Ned, Ron & Ricky

They got...only the second & fourth Q's right, so they departed w/ $5K.

(Final notes: A different sound effect for correct answers was used for the SS' part of the round only. Also, Jeff Foxworthy's the producer.)
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