Friday, August 24, 2012

DEBUT: "Beat the Chefs"

Each team of three can win $25K. Only they know what they'll all be cooking in each round.

Guest Critic:
Eric Roberts

#1: Singing Weavers (choir singers from FL): Brittany, Pascha, Noiree & Drew (head cook)

DISH: Chicken & dumplings w/ greens (two hours)

Team's Version: Bacon-stuffed sweet potato dumplings, chicken w/ classic gravy & collard greens w/ cabbage slaw

Chefs' Version: Buttermilk dumplings & honey BBQ-glazed chicken wings w/ celery/corn sauce & fried collard greens

#2: Jougs of Joy (Slidell, LA): Angelle, Boyd, Kristine & Richard Boulot

DISH: Shrimp, potatoes & garlic bread (1.5 hrs.)

Team's Version: BBQ shrimp, potato salad w/ eggs and relish & garlic bread

Chefs' Version: Shrimp toast po' boy w/ chorizo mashed potatoes, gumbo broth & shrimp/andouille salad


JoJ- LOSS (they leave w/ $1K worth of cookware)
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