Friday, August 24, 2012

DEBUT: "Beat the Chefs"

Each team of three can win $25K. Only they know what they'll all be cooking in each round.

Guest Critic:
Eric Roberts

#1: Singing Weavers (choir singers from FL): Brittany, Pascha, Noiree & Drew (head cook)

DISH: Chicken & dumplings w/ greens (two hours)

Team's Version: Bacon-stuffed sweet potato dumplings, chicken w/ classic gravy & collard greens w/ cabbage slaw

Chefs' Version: Buttermilk dumplings & honey BBQ-glazed chicken wings w/ celery/corn sauce & fried collard greens

#2: Jougs of Joy (Slidell, LA): Angelle, Boyd, Kristine & Richard Boulot

DISH: Shrimp, potatoes & garlic bread (1.5 hrs.)

Team's Version: BBQ shrimp, potato salad w/ eggs and relish & garlic bread

Chefs' Version: Shrimp toast po' boy w/ chorizo mashed potatoes, gumbo broth & shrimp/andouille salad


JoJ- LOSS (they leave w/ $1K worth of cookware)


Marcella Spruell said...

Watched the show last night with initially a little apprehension.... i was pleasantly surprised. Truly enjoyed the the battle in the kitchen. The home home cooks having the advantage of knowing the menu is nice. Those folks can sing. I am opening Marcella's Family Kitchen and I am going to duplicate the sweet potato dumpling recipe. The folks from Louisiana were fun as well and my thought was they would win, because of the "sauce" and the relish and in the potato salad, huh but who am I. Great show looking to watching next week

Marcella Spruell said...

Great telivision

no1duzitbetta said...

Watching now... Nice concept, how do I get on?

no1duzitbetta said...

Flipping thru channels lmBao, they had me at bacon stuffed sweet potatoes

Sabrina Hashimi said...

lol noiree weaver is my piano teacher