Sunday, August 05, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: 8/6-8/12, 2012

While the second half of the Summer Olympics start next week, here's what else will happen:

-The last week of the season for the new "Figure It Out" & "Four Houses".

-Will one of the former "Big Brother" coaches get evicted this week?

All this & more next week on GSK.

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oaklandfan2kx said...

And Coming Next Week On GSK

project RUNWAY:

Last Week: The Designated Decoy Models are the Top 7 Players of Season 28 on Jeopardy who are vying for the $250,000 Grand Prize in the "Jeopardy!" Tournament of Champions which will happen in November
This Week: The Designated Decoy Models are back to Normal and will consists of Dancers (and maybe Cheerleaders and Other Girls that you should know) and YES MORE MODELS!!!!!

The Model Assignments for This Week because we've learned that Andrea Katz has left the Competition (Source: Wikipedia)

Alicia Hardesty: Sarah Goolden (S10), Brooke Ritchie (LA Models), TBA
Buffi Jashanmal: Alex Spencer (S10), Karli Babcock (All-Stars), TBA
Christopher Palu: Claudia Ruff (S10), Jordan Felix (Rosary High - Fullerton, CA), TBA
Dmitry Sholokhov: Iman Payne (S10), Brittany Oldehoff (S7)), TBA
Elena Slivnyak: Sashalee Pallagi (S10), Katie Park (Carlsbad High - Carlsbad, CA), TBA
Fabio Costa: Jasmine Costa (S10), Jessamine Kelley (All-Stars), TBA
Gunnar Detherage: Lacee Teel (S10), Alexandra Yonkovich (Rosary High - Fullerton, CA), TBA
Kooan Kosuke: Alexandra Wynne (S10), Tiffany Maher (SYTYCD S9), TBA
Melissa Fleis: Bianca Alexander (S10), Yesenia Cortes (Rosary High - Fullerton, CA), TBA
Nathan Paul: Kyler Manjone (S10), Kaitlyn Steffy (Carlsbad High - Carlsbad, CA), TBA
Sonjia Williams: Hannah Herreid (S10), Tatjana Sinkevica (S9/All-Stars), TBA
Ven Budhu: Elaina Williams (S10/All-Stars), Camille Posard (Carlsbad High - Carlsbad, CA), TBA

TBA = Any Female Varina HS Student during the Bobby McBride Years because there will be 12 count 'em 12 Varina High School Girls who will be assigned to 12 Designers of project RUNWAY (1 Girl per Designer, but not you Andrea your out!)

Designated Runway Song: "Make This Last Forever" by Jocelyn Enriquez (Dance Hit from 1994) (Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh)

But if Models Names were shown for Episode 4 of Season 10 of project RUNWAY the Designated Runway Order Song will now Be: "Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit" by Gina G. (Dance Hit from 1997)

And if this Happens The Following Models will get Last Names to be used in the Runway Are: Sarah (Goolden), Alex (Spencer), Claudia (Ruff), Iman (Payne), Sashalee (Pallagi), Jasmine (Costa), Lacee (Teel), Alexandra (Wynne), Bianca (Alexander), Kyler (Manjone), Hannah (Herreid) & Elaina (Williams)
And The Decoy Models will remain the same as is.

So That's next week in GSK.