Sunday, August 26, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: August 27-September 2, 2012

On the last week before the annual Super GS Premiere Month kicks off:

-The last episode of both "Hell's Kitchen" & "MasterChef" before they begin their two-part season finales.

-The "America's Got Talent" semi-finals are underway.

-The "So You Think You Can Dance" quarterfinals.

Also, we announce the couples for "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars", "project RUNWAY" will revolve around Lord & Taylor, "AMERICA'S NEXT top model: College Edition" officially starts & more next week on GSK. Some recaps may be delayed/cancelled due to political or weather issues.

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oaklandfan2kx said...

And Coming Next Week On GSK

project RUNWAY:

Last Week: We've Scheduled to have the Joke Decoy Models to be NFL Head Coaches and we are trying to use "Starcrossed" by Score Productions (incl. Mr. Kalehoff), but in the end we had Starcrossed but No Coaches instead the Joke Models are Clients and their friends that are in need of a Style Make Over
This Week: Well we are returning to Regularly Scheduled Random Models as this challenge will revolve around Lord & Taylor and the new models of Cycle 19 of America's Next Top Model will play as Decoy Models this week along with More Models and Dancers (including some from So You Think You Can Dance)


Elena Slivnyak: Sarah Goolden*, Sonika Shankar*, Meghan Giffin (S9), Ashley Lacamp (S8), Holly Ridings (S7), Jourdana Phillips (Click NYC), Nastasia Scott (ANTM C19), Lindsay Arnold (SYTYCD S9), Kayla Kalbfleisch (X-Factor Dancer), Mikaela Foster (Vacaville HS), TBA
Melissa Fleis: Hannah Herreid*, Jasmine Costa*, Jessamine Kelley (All-Stars), Lenka Dayrit (S8), Katie Sticksel (S6), Keely Comstock (Major), Darian Ellis (ANTM C19), Clarice Ordaz (SYTYCD S8), Aubree Storm (CTG), Cassidy Lutz (Rocklin HS), TBA
Gunnar Deatherage: Lauren Way*, Karol Marie*, Eden Viza (All-Stars), Sveta Glebova (S8), Valeria Leonova (S7), Nicole LaLiberte (Click NYC), Kiara Belen (ANTM C19), Eliana Girard (SYTYCD S9), Noelle Marsh (X-Factor Dancer), Nikki Lee (McLean (VA) HS), TBA
Alicia Hardesty: Elaina Williams*, Mayra Rosario*, Alejandra Mancia (All-Stars), Brittany Oldehoff (S7), Allison Gingerich (S7), Natasha Overin (Major), Laura James (ANTM C19), Caitlynn Lawson (SYTYCD S8), Hannah Douglass (CTG), Tay Stowe (Vacaville HS), TBA
Christopher Palu: Claudia Ruff*, Sashalee Pallagi*, Sonia Niekrasz (S9), Rose Cook (S8), Lisa Blades (S6), Megan Raloff (Q), Allyssa Vuelma (ANTM C19), Melanie Moore (SYTYCD S8), Ashley Everett (X-Factor Dancer), Morgan Thompson (Rocklin HS), Veronica Yates (Varina HS (VA) '15)
Ven Budhu: Bianca Alexander*, Courtney O'Connor*, Karli Babcock (All-Stars), Erika Kimberly Jones (S8), Celine Chua (S6), Sabrina Gardner (Q), Victoria Henley (ANTM C19), Melinda Sullivan (SYTYCD S7), Rachele Smith (CTG), Caroline Halmi (McLean (VA) HS), TBA
Dmitry Sholokhov: Ali Cosgrove*, Alex Spencer*, Taylor Dean McCauslund (All-Stars), Cassie Dzienny (S8), Kalyn Hemphill (S6), Shinae Youn (Q), Maria Tucker (ANTM C19), Witney Carson (SYTYCD S9), Kim Gingras (X-Factor Dancer), Grace Lovio (Vacaville HS), TBA
Fabio Costa: Lacee Teel*, Kyler Manjone*, Brittany Bass (All-Stars), Eyen Chorm (S8), Alexis Broker (S7), Katie Nelson (S4), Aubrey Wilder (Major), Kristin Kagay (ANTM C19), Ashley Galvan (SYTYCD S7), Aubree Storm (CTG), Taylor Wright (Rocklin HS), TBA
Sonjia Williams: Alexandra Wynne*, Tatiana Pallagi (Miss NY Teen USA '07), Kerstin Lechner (S9), Karin Agstam (S8), Kasey Ashcraft (S7), Brandie Bowman (Major), Destiny Strudwick (ANTM C19), Amelia Lowe (SYTYCD S9), Christina Glur (X-Factor Dancer), Kristen Bellini (McLean (VA) HS), TBA

*Real Season 10 project RUNWAY Model in Asterisks

TBA = Random Female Student from Varina HS during the Bobby McBride Years

Note: For The First Time Ever on a project RUNWAY recap at GSK, Sashalee and Tatiana Pallagi will both walk down the runway as sisters.

And so With 99 Models on The Runway This Week the Designated Runway Song will be: "Don't Think I'm Not" by Kandi (Choreographer: Tyce Diorio & Sonya Tayeh)

So That's Next week in GSK.