Sunday, September 30, 2012

"The Amazing Race"- 21ST SEASON PREMIERE

OPENING CLUE (Pasadena): The teams start out rappelling down a bridge to their clue attached to a backpack before they travel to where they need to go in a '13 Ford Escape Titanium 4WD. They need to drive to the airport & choose from one of two flights to Shanghai- China Airlines Flight #7 (first seven teams only; lands at 10:50 AM) & EVA AIR Flight #15 (lands at 12:05 PM).

Clue #2:
Take a taxi to the Yuanshen Sports Center Stadium, where the next clue box can be found.

One member per team has to score a point against a junior ping-pong champion to get their fourth clue.

Clue #4:
Head to the Cui Ping Jiu Jia restaurant at Gui Zhou Lu 107 for the next clue.

This time, somebody has to eat some frog fallopian tubes to continue on.

Clue #6:
Find a lady using an abacus at The Bund to retrieve the next clue.

The Bund Observatory, where the first eliminated team will be revealed (although the clue says they might be eliminated).

The first Double Jackpot Team will be...

...Abbie & Ryan! Now, even though I don't have too much confidence in them winning the $2M, let me tell you that the first-leg winners have won the top cash prize in six of the first 20 seasons (S1, S10, S13, S15, S19 & S20).

2. Amy & Daniel
3. Caitlin & Brittany
4. Natalie & Nadiya
5. Rob & Kelley
6. James & Abba
7. Josh & Brent
8. Gary & Will
9. Trey & Lexi
10. Jaymes & James (they were about to arrive third but immediately realized they hadn't gotten the abacus lady clue yet & had to go back)- ROB & SHEILA ELIMINATED
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