Thursday, December 06, 2012

"Cupcake Wars" 12/6- CHRISTMAS '12 EPISODE

Muffy Patterson & Heather (My Sweet Diva; her hubby's an Army Champlain and I think she drives a silver Dodge Nitro)
Alyssa Wurtz & sister Lucy (Cake Creations AK; her husband's a member of the Air Force)
Dani Moulton & 18-yr.-old daughter Megan (Cupcake Pilots; Dani's hubby is also in the A.F.)
Amanda Phillips & Kara (Glass of Milk Cake Company; her Army hubby's about to be deployed)

WINNERS' DESTINATION: Mile Lights Festival in Chicago
GJs: Bobbie Lloyd (Magnolia Bakery chief baking officer) & Ji Suk Yi ("Windy City Live" producer)


Dani & Megan: Light orange zest w/ pistachio tart crust, tart cranberry compote, light orange buttercream frosting & fondant Poinsettia
Amanda & Kara: Beer & turkey w/ maple-glazed frosting & rosemary cranberries
Alyssa & Lucy: Candied yams w/ spiced bourbon peach vanilla bean jam, marshmallow cream buttercream & white chocolate snowflake
Muffy & Heather: French Toast w/ roasted turkey, sweet potato cranberry filling, maple buttercream & snowflake w/ chocolate topper

ELIMINATED- Alyssa & Lucy


Muffy & Heather:
1. Eggnog w/ buttercream, chocolate bourbon filling & sparkly black note
2. Peppermint hot chocolate w/ peppermint Swiss buttercream, marshmallow filling & little red chocolate light topper
3. Spiced wine w/ orange spiced-buttercream topper, brandied ginger, dates & fondant shopping bag

Dani & Megan:
1. Dark chocolate w/ peppermint marshmallow buttercream, chocolate ganache & candy cane North Pole sign
2. Coconut w/ white chocolate buttercream and ganache rolled in coconut & fondant snowflake
3. Pumpkin spice w/ cream cheese frosting & holly leaf

Amanda & Kara:
1. Caramel apple w/ cinnamon buttercream, caramel sauce & spun sugar
2. White chocolate cherry w/ cherry buttercream, cherry & holly leaves
3. Chocolate w/ peanut butter buttercream, ganache & "Puppy Chow Chex Mix"


1K C R:
Muffy & Heather: Elf express train
Dani & Megan: Candy cane-themed tiers w/ a snowflake on the bottom- SPRIG OF HOLLY
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