Sunday, February 17, 2013


You viewers decided these four should get another crack at it:

John Sierp (a Brooklyn fireman who's also an executive chef at White Cloud Catering in NYC)(1/19/10- he looked like he was going to be eliminated in the first round w/ some incredibly inedible buffalo wings that he boiled after initially trying to fry them, but he actually ended up losing in the final)
Monica Langowski (a private chef at A Table for Two in Chicago)(5/10/11- eliminated in second rd.; she was competing for the American Cancer Society/Making Strides Against Breast Cancer & was bald-headed at the time)
Gwen LePape (an exec. chef at Frederick's Restaurant in NYC)(3/3/09- he failed to get anything onto his plates & was shortly eliminated in the very first rd.; adding insult to injury, his elimination reveal had an empty plate underneath the cover)
Marja Samson (former chef/restauranteur at The Kitchen Club in NYC)(10/19/10- on that yr.'s Halloween episode, she was DQ'd in R2 for rolling tortillas on a cross-contaminated cutting board, which meant the judges couldn't taste her dish)
J: Geoffrey, Amanda & Chris (this was the exact same panel Marja faced the first time)

BTW, "Cupcake Wars" returns to its usual timeslot two weeks from tonight.

Appetizer: Pulpo, Chioggia beeta, Fava beans & pickled garlic

Gwen: Pulpo carpaccio w/ beet salad, tarragon citronette, olive oil, lemon & terragon
John: Linguine w/ pulpo sauce, pesto, olive oil & tomatoes
Monica: Beet pancake w/ pulpo medallion, cilantro, red peppers & onion
Marja: Asian Spring beet salad w/ basil, mint & sesame oil- RE-CHOPPED FOR TOO MUCH SESAME

Entree: Wild boar roast, sweet potato chips, nopales & acai berry juice

Gwen: Roasted boar w/ acai sauce, grilled nopales, bacon, red bliss potatoes & mushrooms
Monica: Spice-rubbed boar w/ warm nopales salad, onion, apples & red peppers- RE-CHOPPED
John: Pan-seared boar w/ smashed potatoes, cumin, mustard & smoked paprika

DESSERT: Tangerines, cranberry sauce, chocolate chip cookies & Gorgonzola dolce

John: Cranberry crumble & gorgonzola ice cream w/ orange liqueur, tequila & panko
Gwen: Gorgonzola parfait w/ chocolate chip cookie dust, mint & basil- WIN
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