Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Chopped Champions"- THIRD FINALE

J: Geoffrey, Alex & Amanda

Appetizer: Pig ears, ramps, pine nuts & apple strudel

Jun: Pine nut-crusted pig ears w/ fried ramps, pickled apples, eggs, panko & vinegar, plus apple strudel bread sauce (featuring milk, cinnamon & lemon juice)
Rob: Crispy pig ears w/ pickled ramp stems, ramp sauce, vinegar & olive oil, plus free-form ravioli (feat. eggs, flour & olive oil)
Vinson: Crispy pig ears w/ grilled ramp pesto, pickled onions, vinegar, olive oil & red onion
Kenneth: Crispy pig ears salad w/ apple strudel croutons, arugula, radicchio & red apple- CHOPPED

Entree: Abalone, curry leaves, Serrano ham & Amaranth grain

Vinson: Abalone two ways- fried & Sunomono w/ celery, soy sauce & heavy cream
Jun: Abalone & Shiitake mushroom noodle broth w poached egg, chicken stock, lemongrass & dashi
Rob: Abalone Scaloppini w/ curry leaf egg sauce, eggs & button mushrooms


$50K DESSERT: Carrot juice, almond flour, candied ginger & honeycomb

Jun: Carrot & ginger Frangipane pudding w/ carrot sauce, powered sugar, butter & eggs
Rob: Cinnamon French Toast w/ carrot/orange gelee, cardamom, oranges, gelatin & agar

The new "Chopped" grand champ & leaving w/ a new total of $60K is...

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