Thursday, February 14, 2013

DEBUT: "The Face"

Details on the cast here.

Test Shoot #1 ("Who Wore it Better?"): In every heat, two models competed head-to-head to see who did just that w/ identical outfits chosen by Naomi (who judged this TS); after the first model was chosen in each heat, that model chose her opponent for that heat. The overall challenge winner went on a $5K Topshop shopping spree.

1. Devyn vs. Stephanie (party girl)- STEPHANIE
2. Marlee vs. Sandra (business casual)- MARLEE
3. Margaux vs. Aleksandra (60's girl)- MARGAUX (but in ugly fashion)
4. Ebony vs. Christy (Army chic)- EBONY
5. Zi Lin (who didn't wear her pants) vs. Brittany (city girl)- ZI LIN
6. Jocelyn vs. Madeleine (who cried because the shoes she were wearing weren't comfortable at all)(biker chic)- JOCELYN


1. Ebony vs. Margaux (red carpet)- MARGAUX
2. Jocelyn vs. Marlee (downtown girl)- JOCELYN
3. Stephanie vs. Zi Lin (hippie chic)- ZI LIN

FR: Masculine Chic

CAMPAIGN #1: All three teams had to do photo shoots for W at the Brooklyn Navy Yard- to be exact, they had to make up the final scene in a battle between the downtown & uptown girls. The winning Campaign will also be featured on the homepage.
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
GJ: Stefano Tonchi (W Editor-in-Chief), Claudine Ingeneri (W bookings editor) & Bethann Hardison

WINNERS- Team Karolina

The mentors of the other two teams had to nominate which teammate should be put up for elimination & the challenge-winning mentor decided who would leave empty-handed.

FIRST ELIMINATED- Aleksandra (Also on Chopping Block: Stephanie)
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