Friday, February 01, 2013

"Family Feud" 2/1

G1: Burnses (whose one-day cash winnings total $655) vs. McLesters

R1: 100 women were asked to name a food lipsticks should taste like so men should kiss more:

#3: Chocolate (17)(Katy)
#4: Strawberries/fruit (13)(Samson)


Katie: Whipped cream- X
Annie: Ice cream- XX
Melissa: Burger- ALL STEAK/BEEF #1 (26)
Christine: Beer/liquor- #2 (23)
Katy: Chicken wings- XXX

Samson Steal (for 79): Pizza- BA (2)

#5: BBQ (sauce)(4)
Other BAs: Nuts & vanilla (2 each)

R2: Name something a babysitter might be too busy doing playing w/ the kids:

#1: Talking on the (tele)phone/texting (77)(Regina)

Hal (who recently cut his goatee): Sleeping- X
Harold (VB): Making out w/ beau/dad- T3 (5)
Nicolas (whose nametag fell off just before Steve got to him): Watching movie(s)/tv- BA (3)
Samson: Drinking alcohol/booze- XX
Regina: Reading- XXX

Katy Steal (for a six-point early lead; she has seven kids, but only one's a girl): Being on the computer- NO (McLesters: 164)

#2: Homework (6)
T3: Preparing meal(s)(5)

(Note: Melissa also has seven kids.)

Double: Name something that's hot & wet:

#1: Bath/shower/water (32)(Melissa)
#2: Coffee/tea (10)(Harold)

BRAIN FARTS- Hal & Annie (the latter's whom I think was the victim of the judges being trigger happy)

Christine: Soup- BA (7)
Katy: Hot chocolate- X
Katie: Washcloth/towel- OTHER BA (7)

Annie: XX
Melissa: Kisses- XXX

Samson Steal #2 (for another 112 & safety net): Sex- NOPE (#3: Pasta)(8)

Triple: Name something you'd love to trade w/ your boss for one week:

#1: Salary (67)(Melissa)
#3: Car(s)(12)(Harold)

Christine: Beach house- X
Katy: Vacation time- XX
Katie: Position/job/occupation- #2 (15)

Annie: Power- XXX

Samson Steal for the Game: Benefits- LOSE AGAIN (BA: Spouses)(2)


1. If you could live your life over, name someone you'd be nicer to.
2. How many vices do you have?
3. Name an activity that your feet are not on the ground to do.
4. Name something a woman has that her friends might be jealous of.
5. Name a snack people bring on a long car trip.

1. Sibling- 11
2. Three- 17
3. Swimming- 21
4. $$$- 5
5. Potato chips- 52
TOTAL- 106

1. Mom- 28
2. Four- 10
3. Biking- 3
4. Boyfriend/husband- 30
5. Soda
TOTAL- 177 (two-game total of $1,540)

2. Two
3. Skydiving

TAKE 2 OF YESTERDAY'S G2: Traceys (four-day total of $21,405) vs. Willingers (one-day total of $520)

And BTW, even though they only have three wins, The Traceys will win that Edge if they beat The Willingers this time. The exact reason for why The Traceys were reinstated was because Steve said something the second time he came to Kristin that may have influenced her answer on an unknown Q.

R1: According to 100 ladies, name something guys do in bed that can ruin a night of romance before it even starts:

Fart/"Dutch Oven" (55)(Paul)
#3: Fall asleep/snoring (11)(Ken)

Jim: Get drunk- X
Kathi: Watch sports/TV- #4 (8)
Maureen: Cut toenails- XX
Kristin: Not being able to get in the mood- XXX

Ken Steal (for 74): Argue/fight/talk a lot- #2 (12)

#5: Belch (7)
#6: Wear socks (5)

R2: 100 guys were asked to name something Brad Pitt has that they don't have:

#2: Buttload of $$$ (34)(Jim)

#4: Looks/hot face/jawline (5)(Katie)



Kathi: Angelina Jolie- #1 (42)
Maureen: (A lot of) kids- T3 (5)
Kristin: Lots of movies/fame- T3 (5)
Paul: A big "Twinkie"- X (Steve called it "a hammer")(VB)
Jim: A lot of automobiles- XX
Kathi: Multiple homes- XXX

Ken Steal #2 (for 91 more): Hot body- BA (2)(165)(#6: Everything)(3)

Double: A shopping bag's one kind of bag- name another kind of bag:

#1: Purse/handbag (30)(Kristen)


Susan: Backpack- X
Kelly: Gym- XX
Ken: Golf- WIPEOUT

Paul Steal to Get Within Reach: Paper- ALSO NOT THERE (Willingers: 225)

#2: "Old bag"/woman (13)
#3: Garbage/trash (6)
#4: Laundry & overnight/travel (5)

Triple: Name something that witches are supposed to be able to do:

#2: Cast spells (42)(Susan)
#4: Brew/make potions (2)(Maureen)

Kelly: Fly on a broomstick- #1 (52)
Ken: Cackle- X
Katie: Live for a long time- XX

Kristen: Walk in the daytime- XXX

Paul Steal to Stay Alive: Scare people- SHUT OUT (Other BA: Make things vanish)(2)

FM #2:

1. Name an annoying creature that you wish would hurry up & become extinct.
2. Name the earliest hr. in a day that you've had a stiff drink.
3. Name something that starts w/ "left".
4. Tell me something that's really hard to get your dog into or out of.
5. Name a sport where the players are always hugging each other.

1. Dogs
2. 12:00- 22
3. Turn- 15
4. Car- 32
5. Basketball- 2

1. Possum (#1: Mosquito)
2. 10 AM- 8
3. "...-handed"- 22
4. Their cage- 17
5. Football- 38
TOTAL- 156 (two-day total of $1,300)


6 PM: 7
6:30 PM: 6
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