Friday, February 15, 2013

"Family Feud" 2/15

G1: Dardens ($665) vs. Klines (Seattle)

R1: Name the first thing a guy wants after his girlfriend has dumped him:

#1: Another girl/nookie (42)(Terry Jr.)
#2: Drink/beer (38)(Connie)

Marleisha: Hang w/ his friends- X
Travis: Have cigarette- XX
Marleen: To be (left) alone- BA (2)
Terry Sr.: His momma- BA (2)
Terry Jr.: Go partying- XXX

Connie Steal (for 84): Vacation- NOPE

T3: Pity/sympathy & revenge (3 each)
Other BA: Comfort food (2)

R2: Name a candy that's the size of a person's nipple:

#1: m&ms (40)(Noah)
#3: Skittles (7)(Marleisha)

Jessica (Third Grade teacher): mentos- X
Ryan: Gumballs- XX
Jody: Smarties- WIPEOUT

Terry Jr. Steal (for 47): Jellybeans- ALSO NO GOOD (Klines: 131)

#2: Hershey's Kisses (9)
#4: Life Savers (5)
BAs: Milk Duds & dots (4 each)

Double: Name a place you'd hate to find toenail clippings:

#1: In/on your food/plate (48)(Jessica)

#4: (Kitchen) table/counter (5)(Travis)

Ryan: Bed- #2 (36)
Jody: Car- X

Connie (pediatric nurse for about 35 yrs.): Makeup bag/purse/wallet- XX
Noah (a barista who just graduated w/ degrees in Biochemistry, Microbiology & Chemistry & plans to go to medical school): Sink- XXX

Terry Jr. Steal #2 (for another 178): In drink(s)- NOPE (Klines: 225)

#3: On floor/in rug (6)
BA: On couch (2)

Triple: If they made a Judge Judy doll, name something it might come w/:

#1: Gavel/mallet (64)(Ryan)

DUD- Blonde hair (Marleen)

Jody: Robe/gown- #3 (14)
Connie: Bench- X

Noah: Courtroom- XX
Jessica: Sour expression(s)- #2 (15)
Ryan: Defendant(s)- XXX

Terry Jr. Steal to Keep Crown: Bailiff- LOSS (BA: Glasses)(2)


1. In a word, what's the most important ingredient of a good marriage?
2. Name something in a cheap motel room that might be too small.
3. Tell us how often people wash their cars.
4. Name something you find in a sports bar.
5. Name a bad occupation for someone who faints at the sight of blood.

Jessica (Ryan's cousin):
1. Love- 19
2. Bed- 37
3. Once a month- 11
4. Beer- 35
5. ER doctor- 41
TOTAL- 143

1. Trust- 27
2. Towels- 6
3. Every other week- 29; WIN AT 205! (#1: Once a week)
4. TV
5. Nurse

(Notes: Karen was the director of this episode & no instant replay.)

FINAL G OF WEEK: Gallaghers (whose two-day cash winnings total $20,740; we finally see them for the first time in over a yr.) vs. Christners (Belle Vernon, PA)

R1: According to 100 ladies, beside his suit, name an article of clothing you'd like to see host Steve wear:

#2: (Bow) tie (18)(Tracy)

DUD- Shoes (Keisha)

John (a Lieutenant who's been a police officer for a quarter of a century): Swim trunks- COUNTS AS SPEEDO/SWIMSUIT (8)
Jim: Undies- BA (5)(VB)
Laurie (nurse practitioner): Tight jeans- #3 (16)
Christopher (deputy sheriff just outside of Pittsburgh): Uniform- X
Tracy (abstractor for oil & gas): Toupee/wig- XX
John: Birthday suit/nada/zippo- XXX

Keisha Steal (for 47): Tuxedo- NOT AT ALL THERE

#1: Hat/fedora (23)
#4: Daisy Dukes/shorts (14)

R2: What superhero's name might a man give to his most precious body part?:

#1: Superman (48)(John)

Jim: The (Incredible) Hulk- #2 (13)
Laurie: The Avenger(s)- X
Christopher: (The Amazing) Spider-Man- XX

Tracy: Batman- T3 (8)
John: Robin- XXX

Keisha Steal #2 (for 69): King Kong- NO (Christners: 116)

T3: Iron Man (8)
#5: Captain America (7)

BA: Thor (5)

Double: Name something a couple makes love in that might rock back & forth:

#1: Car/van (29)(April)

#4: (Water)bed (10)(Jim)

Chaka: Chair- X
Tracey: Boat/ship- #2 (28)
Keisha: Swing (she then said hammock, but only swing was accepted because she said it first)- BA (8)
Bonita: Chase- XX
April: Table- XXX

Tracy Steal (for 150 more & to keep shutout lead): Sofa- NO (#3: Hammock)(11)

Triple: Name a specific place in the house where you put a mousetrap:

#1: Kitchen (74)(Chaka)

Tracey: Bedroom- X
Keisha: Basement/cellar- #2 (11)
Bonita: Bathroom- XX
April: Garage- #3 (4)

Chaka: Closet(s)- WIN! (3)

FM #2: Most of the intro to this has been edited.

1. Name a part of a lady's body that isn't sexy when it's really hairy.
2. What do most women expect most men to be really bad at?
3. On the 1-10 scale, how much do you gossip?
4. Name the U.S. city that probably has the best nightclubs.
5. Name something a person might bust out of.

1. Stomach- DUD
2. Cleaning- 17
3. Seven- 4
4. NYC- 40
5. Pants- 30

1. Arms- 39
3. Nine- 4
4. Vegas- 32
TOTAL- 166 (three-day total of $21,570)

1. Underarms
2. Cooking
3. Five
5. Jail

(Final notes for this episode: As presumably the first one taped this season, the gameboard itself on the big screen was slightly smaller. Also, the text for the FM answers & scores were a little smaller & we heard a sound effect as the clock appeared.)


6 PM: 8
6:30 PM: 7
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