Monday, February 18, 2013

"Family Feud" 2/18

G1: Lees (Atlanta) vs. Klines ($20K)

R1: Name something a cowboy does w/ his boots on:

#2: Sleeps (12)(Connie)
#6: Eats (5)(Shekita)

Noah: Rides a horse- #1 (49)
Jessica: Has intimate relations w/ another person- A COWGIRL, TO BE EXACT (3)
Ryan: Shootout- X
Jody: Goes to the bathroom- XX
Connie: Brands cattle- XXX

Shekita Steal (for 69): Gets buried w/ boots on- NOPE

T3: Dances (a Do-Si-Do) & dies (8)
#5: Walks (6)

R2: Speaking of bathrooms, name another word for toilet:

#2: Commode (17)(Angelisa)
DUD- Bathroom (Noah)

Alice: Bidet- X
Sheeluh (a divorced registered nurse known as the butt & gut nurse): The John- #1 (23
Ryan (truck driver for three weeks at the time): Outhouse- XX
Shekita: Pot(ty)- #3 (15)
Angelisa (doctor): Latrine- XXX

Connie Steal (for 55 extra): The throne- T5 (6)(124)

#4: Loo (12)
T5: Can (6)
BA: Crapper (5- the late Bert Convy once mistakenly said this for "cropper" at the end of a "Super Password" Round)

Double: Name something it must've been hard for Shaquille O'Neal's mom to do for him when he was a baby:

#2: Dress him/find clothes or shoes (25)(Jessica)
#3: Feed/nurse him (13)(Alice)

Ryan: Bathe him/make him take shower- X
Jody: Carry/lift him- #1 (28)
Connie: Teach him to read- XX
Noah: Change diaper(s)- #4 (6)
Jessica: Find crib or bassinet- XXX

Shekita Steal #2 (for 144 & lead): Fit him in car seat- NOT IT (Klines: 268)(BA: Hold/rock him)(5)

Triple: Name something that always seems to break when you're broke:

#1: Automobile (63)(Sheeluh)

Ryan: Glasses- X
Shekita: Refrigerator- BA (4)
Angelisa: Limb(s)- XX
Alice: HVAC system- XXX

Connie Steal to Retain: Washing machine- SHUTOUT! (10)(T2: TV)(10)

Steve has been having a field day over Connie never giving a right response since that family's been on the program.


1. Tell us the time you'd probably wake up if your alarm clock didn't go off.
2. Name something your house's filled w/ at Christmas time.
3. Name a food people put Tabasco sauce on.
4. Name someone you have to stand up to now & then.
5. Give me a girl's name that starts w/ V.

1. 9 AM- 12
2. Decorations/lights- 24
3. Tacos- 19
4. Mom- 11
5. Veronica- 18

Ryan K.:
1. 8 AM- 26
2. Presents- 20
3. Eggs- 27
4. Boss- 38
5. Vicki- 38

(Note: Again, no instant replay on this Karen-directed episode.)

G2: Gallaghers (three-day total of $21,570) vs. O'Deas (Myrtle Beach, SC)

R1: Name a place a lady might call "Heaven on Earth":


#2: Mall/store (29)(Keisha)

#5: Bed(room)(6)(Carol)

Bonita: Spa- #1 (33)
April: Bakery- X
Tracey: When she's in love- XX
Keisha: Her couch- XXX

Carol Steal (for 82): Bathtub/bathroom- #4 (8)(BA: Her coochie)(2)

VB: Steve's Reaction When "coochie" Was Revealed

R2 (after Steve started to re-read the previous survey): Name something a married couple might do just like teenagers on a date night:

#1: Park/kiss/neck/hump in car (61)(Janette- sister)
#2: Go to movie(s)(10)(Bonita)

Josette (twin sister): Go out to eat- #3 (9)
Courtney (oldest daughter who recently turned 30; is also a flight attendant, but for a different airline): Cook together- X
Jacqueline (youngest daughter): Go to concert- XX
Carol (a 30-yr. flight attendant, mom of four & thrill-seeker): Watch TV- XXX

Keisha Steal (for 80): Take walk in park- SORRY (O'Deas: 162)

#4: Hold hands (8)
#5: Get drunk (5)
BA: Share soda/straws (2)

Double: Instead of a pole, name something the world's oldest stripper would use in her act:

#1: Cane (31)(April)

Chaka: Walker- #2 (13)
Tracey: See-in-eye dog- X
Keisha: Crutches- XX
Bonita: Chair- #4 (7)
April: Glasses- XXX

Carol Steal #2 (for 102 more & safety net): Wheelchair- BA (5)(264)(#3: Feather boa)(10)

Triple: Name something people put all over their bodies:

#1: Lotion/oil/cream (76)(Chaka)

Tracey: Soap- #2 (10)
Keisha: (Baby) powder- X
Bonita: Perfume/cologne- XX
April: Clothes- BA (4)
Chaka: Water- XXX

Carol Steal for Shutout: Man- NO (Gallaghers: 270)(#3: Tattoos)(6)

SD: Name something you would never pick up w/ your bare hands.

Tracey: Something hot- LOSS (A: Poop)(64)

FM #2:

1. Name something in a honeymoon suite that encourages romance.
2. How many hrs. a day do you spend on housework?
3. Name a food people eat at shopping malls.
4. Besides the rose, name the best-selling flower at a flower shop.
5. Even after the divorce, name something couples fight about.

1. Bathtub- 27 (I think that counts as Jacuzzi/hot tub)
2. Two- 25
3. French Fries- 3
4. Carnation- 33
5. $$$- 49
TOTAL- 137

1. K-Y jelly- DUD
2. Three- 17
3. Hot dogs- 12 (Top answer: Pizza)
4. Tulip- 13
5. Kids- 42
TOTAL- 221


6 PM: 9
6:30 PM: 8
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