Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Family Feud" 2/20

G1: Ollers ($405) vs. Simses (Powder Springs, GA)

R1: According to 100 married ladies, name something a guy opens that his wife tells him to close:

#3: Toilet seat/lid (14)(Allyson)


DUD- Pornography (James- youth pastor)

Russell: (Bathroom) door- #2 (17)
Kelsey: Bag of chips- X
Lavawn: Cabinet doors/cupboards- #6 (7)
Laverne: His (big, fat) mouth- #1 (19)
Allyson (a married dog trainer, singer, dancer & actor; she used to be in a band for two yrs. & usually now performs in theater): Fridge- T4 (11)
Russell: His zipper/fly- T4 (11)
Kelsey: Garage (on the buzzer)- XX
Lavawn: Windows- XXX

James Steal (for 81): Credit card (account)- NO (BA: Closet)(6)

R2: Name something a woman might hide under her wig:

#1: $$$ (42)(Marcia)

DUD- Cigarette(s)(Russell)

Melinda (a stay-at-home mom who's wearing orange earrings shaped like wind chimes & is married to Changa): Jewelry- X
Changa (a HS chorus teacher & vocal coach who can sing in five different languages; he sang a little French on this episode): ID card(s)- XX
Kamilah: (Real) hair- #3 (20)
James: Credit card- XXX

Allyson Steal (for 62 additional): Baldness- #2 (23)(143)

#4: Drugs (4)
#5: Gun (3)
BA: Keys (2)

Double: If women didn't exist, name something men would stop doing:

#1: Having sex (16)(Melinda)

DUD- Eating (Kelsey)

Changa: Cleaning (house)- #5 (7)
Kamilah: Cooking- X
James: Taking out the trash- XX
Marcia: Dancing- XXX

Allyson Steal #2 (for 46 more): Shaving- COUNTS AS BATHING/GROOMING (16)(189)

#3: Cheating/flirting (14)
#4: Having children (10)
BA: Lying (5)

Triple: Name something most animals have that humans don't:

#2: Fur (31)(Lavawn)

DUD- Whiskers (Changa)

Laverne: Claws/paws- #3 (10)
Allyson: Four legs- BA (9)
Russell: Sharp teeth/fangs- X
Kelsey: Tail- SHUTOUT (36)


1. Name the age when a kid's too old to suck his thumb.
2. Name something retired seniors want their homes to be near.
3. Name something you'd see in a chemistry lab.
4. Name something you own that you talk to as if it were a person.
5. Name something you buy in bulk.

1. Five- 22
2. Lake- 8
3. Chemicals- 14
4. Puppy/pet- 34
5. Potatoes- DUD

1. Six- 7
3. Bunsen Burner- 4
4. TV- 15
5. Cereal- 5
TOTAL- 109 (two-game total of $950)

2. Hospital/doctor
3. Test tubes
5. Toilet paper

The Williamses' other win came at The Goulds' expense from Pacific, WA. Before we say goodbye to 'em, let's get to know 'em better:

Josh: A delivery driver who occasionally sings (& he sang a few lines of "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain)
Sarah: Hairdresser
Jenn: A sister who works in same salon as Sarah
Paul & Ben: N/A

After The Williamses beat The Goulds 412-144 & played FM for their other time, they left w/ their $20,800.

VB: Hilarious Answer During Second F-O

(Final note: They forgot to triple the point bank for the triple points round.)


6 PM: 6
6:30 PM: 7
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