Monday, February 04, 2013

"Family Feud" 2/4

G1: Burnses (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,540) vs. Ingrams (Chicago)

R1: Name something a husband asks his exhausted wife to do that makes her yell "Do it yourself!":

#1: Cook him some food (44)(Sweet Dorothy- she's a waitress at her mom's kitchen called Comfort Southern Food)


Jacqui (a film producer who's working on the city's first live-action 3-D production): Find some clothing/socks- X
Amber: Draw his bath- XX
Teonna (married to Jeremy for seven years): Take care of kids- WIPEOUT

Katy Steal: Do laundry/iron- T4 (6)

#2: Get him a beer/drink (21)
#3: Get silly w/ his willy (9)

T4: Clean house/dishes (6)
#6: Take out the trash (4)

BA: Let dog/cat out (2)

R2: Tell me something a person can do w/ one finger:

#1: Point (31)(Katie)
#2: Type/text (18)(Jacqui)


Annie (a niece of two who works at a nursing home): Pick nose- T3 (11)
Melissa (who has seven children & writes vacation bible school programs w/ her sisters & mom): Scratch head- BA (2)
Christine (hairdresser): Pick something out of teeth- X
Katy: Dig in ear- XX
Katie: Twirl hair- XXX

Sweet Dorothy Steal (for 62): Dial phone number/push button- T3 (11)

#5: Flip "the bird" (8)
#6: Poke (6)

Other BA: Fingerpaint (2)

Double: Name something a single guy might have a collection of from all the women he's dating:

#1: Panties/bras (57)(Amber)

Teonna: Phone numbers- T2 (15)
Jeremy (bald-headed): Photos- T2 (15)
Sweet Dorothy: Love letters/cards- #4 (5)
Jacqui: Bruises/cuts- X
Amber: Ties- XX
Teonna: (T-)shirts- XXX

Katy Steal #2 (for another 184 & the lead): Jewelry/rings- RIGHT (4)(228)

Triple: On what might you see an "out of order" sign that would make you very unhappy?:

#1: Bathroom/restroom/toilet (84)(Teonna)

Jeremy: Elevator- BA (3)
Sweet Dorothy: Restaurant- X
Jacqui: Water fountain- XX
Amber: Telephone/payphone- XXX

Katy Steal for their Third Win: ATM- #2 FOR WIN (10)(Other BA: Vending machine)(3)


1. 100 women were asked which state they thought had the best-looking men.
2. Besides buying it, name a way someone can get a car.
3. How much $$$ is a lot to a five-yr.-old?
4. Name something you put whipped cream on.
5. Name a body part that might be sore the day after a horseback ride.

1. CA- 31
2. Renting it- 19
3. $10- 21
4. Strawberries- 31
5. Legs- 32
TOTAL- 134

1. FL- 13
2. Sell it- DUD
3. $5- 29
4. Ice cream- 26; WIN AT 202! (three-game total of $21,540)
5. Back


2. Steal/rob
5. Butt

(Note: No FM instant replay at the end of this game.)

G2: Bests (Marietta) vs. Willingers (two-day total of $1,300)

R1: Name one word that describes both peanut butter & someone's bottom:

#1: Smooth (30)(Sherry)

DUD- Crunchy (Ken)

David (Cobb County police officer): Nice- X
Bev (who works at an automotive plant): Oily- XX 
Cartis (an 18-yr.-old student at Tuskegee; Steve sings a little song that may result in a video link later on): Chunky- #2 (26)  
Sug: Spreadable- XXX

Ken Steal (for 56): Thick- INCORRECT

#3: Sticky (11)
#4: Brown (7)
#5: Creamy (5)
BAs: Gooey & buttery (3 each)

R2: Name something a grandma might store in her cleavage:

#1: Cash/coin purse (69)(David)

Bev: Hanky/tissue- #2 (16)
Cartis: Receipt- X

Sug: Crackers/food- XX (VB)
Sherry: Keys- #3 (3)
David: Switchblade/knife- XXX

Ken Steal #2 (for 88): Glasses- NOT IT (Bests: 144)(BA: Gun)(2)

Double: Name something that goes up that you hope will come down:

#3: Elevator (10)(Kristen)


Susan: Ball- X
Kelly: Airplane- #2 (13)
Ken (who's also wearing a Steve tie): (Hot air) balloon- BA (7)

Katie: Heat/temperature- OTHER BA (7)
Kristen: Male's body part(s)(even though she said her parents in the audience are going to have a field day over that response)- XX
Susan: Roller coaster/amusement park rides- XXX

Sherry Steal (for extra 74 & safety net): Gas prices- #1 (24)(218)(#4: Interest rates)(8)

Triple: According to 100 married men, name something your mom-in-law criticizes you for NOT having:


#2: (Better) job/occupation (36)(Cartis)

DUD- Degree (Susan)

Sug: Children- #3 (21)
Sherry: Enough/more $$$- T1 (36)
David: Enough drive- X
Bev: House- XX
Cartis: A life- XXX

Ken Steal for Sudden Death: Manners/respect- RIGHT (3)(279)

SD: Name someone who shows up at the scene of an accident.
Kelly: Police- WIN (62)

FM #2:

1. Name something on a kids' playground an adult would look silly using.
2. Name something passengers love to do on a cruise ship.
3. Name something people eat starting w/ "short".
4. Name something that rhymes w/ "nude".
5. In which country are most of your clothes made?

(Note: The lighting for FM wasn't in place at the start of this go-round.)

1. Slide- 30
2. Drink- 30
3. Cake- 35
4. Prude- 6
5. America- 32
TOTAL- 133

Susan (she & Katie are cousins):
1. Swing- 13
2. Lay out- 11
3. Bread- 31
4. Crude- 17; WIN AT 205!
5. China

1. See-saw/teeter-totter
2. Eat
4. Rude

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