Monday, February 11, 2013

"Jeopardy!" 2/11- DAY 1 OF TT FINALS

R1 Categories:


A noise a bomb might make, it can also refer to a period of rapid economic growth.

Nilai: "What is a boom?"- CORRECT ($800)

$800 Medieval Times:

Imported from the Chinese, these rings hung from a saddle allowed a knight to set his feet when spearing an enemy.

Leonard (at other end): "What are stirrups?"- RIGHT ($800)

$200 World Capital:

Like Rome, this Portuguese capital was built on seven hills.

Barrett: "What is Lisbon?"- RIGHT ($200)

$200 Onomatopeia:

First name of Mr. Lightyear, or a sound made by a bee.

Barrett: "What is Buzz?"- OF COURSE ($400)


Kerchoo is a word to represent this.

Nilai: "What is a sneeze?"- RIGHT ($1,200)

$1K MT:

Medieval French poets went on at epic length about chivalry in poems called these "de gests".


$800 World Capital: 

This capital of Nepal was once an independent principality.

Barrett: "What is Katmandu?"- TRIPLE ($1,200)

$600 Onomatopeia:

Boo's sibilant friend, this four-letter word can express disapproval.

Nilai: "What is hiss?"- RIGHT ($1,800)

Last Onomatopeia:

The sound of eating a chip, it comes before "time" to mean a moment of pressure.

Leonard: "What is crunch?"- CORRECT ($1,800)

First Sneaker-ing Around:

Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman, a founder of this co., said "If you have a body, you are an athlete".

Nilai: "What is Nike?"- RIGHT ($2K)

$1K World Capital:

Canals & Dutch architecture can still be seen in this city on the island of Java.

Leonard: "What is Jakarta?"- RIGHT ($2,800)

$400 Sneaker-ing Around:

This brand makes the all-star quilted canvas flag.

Leonard: "What is Converse?"- RIGHT ($3,200)


Last yr., Derrick Rose of this Midwest NBA team signed a $250M contract to endorse adidas.

Leonard: "Who are the Chicago Bulls?"- RIGHT ($3,800)


This brand named for a gazelle goes back to a co. that made shoes for 1924 Olympic athletes.

Nilai: "What is Puma?"- NO ($1,200)

TS #2:


This "Quick as a Cat" co. boasts the Bolt Faas 400 shoe "Inspired by the World's Fastest Man".

Nilai: "What is Puma?"- RIGHT THIS TIME ($2,200)- FIRST BREAK

$600 World Capital:

This Central American capital was named for its Patron Saint, Joseph.

Leonard: "What is San Jose?"- YES ($4,400)

$200 Celebrity:

Born in Wales, he's the first British actor to play Batman on the big screen.

Leonard: "Who is Michael Keaton?"- NO ($4,200)

TS #3: Christian Bale

$400 Celebrity:

He's seen here the yr. he got his current show; politics hasn't aged him quite as much as it ages politicians.

Nilai: "Who is Jon Stewart?"- ABSOLUTELY ($2,600)

$400 World Capital:

Landmarks in this capital include Gum Department Store & The Bell Tower of Ivan the Great.

Leonard: "What is Moscow?"- RIGHT ($4,600)

$600 Celebrity:

Last yr., Demi Lovato & this superstar joined "The X-Factor" as judges for Season 2 (but the latter girl left shortly after that season).

Leonard: "Who is Britney Spears?"- OF COURSE ($5,200)


Before making it big on screen as Jacob Black, he was big into martial arts & was a junior world champion.

Nilai: "Who is Taylor Lautner?"- RIGHT ($3,400)

$800 College Recommendation:

Know that this college in Boston was named for founding president Charles W., NOT writer Ralph W.

Nilai: "What is Emerson College?"- INDEED ($4,200)


DD! Nilai tries to tie up this game:

Be impressed that the $1M given in 1873 to endow this U. was the Commodore's only major philanthropy.

"What is Vanderbuilt?"...he picked the correct one!

$600 MT:

This torture device that stretched & dislocated parts of you was known as the Duke of Exeter's Daughter.

Leonard: "What is the rack?"- RIGHT ($5,800)

Final Celebrity:

Fresh from "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island", he starred as Peeta in "The Hunger Games".

TS #4: Josh Hutcherson

$600 CR:

No bull! Head to this Durham U. to see Cameron Indoor Stadium, conceived in 1935 on the back of a matchbook cover.

Nilai: "What is Duke?"- RIGHT ($5,800)


Volunteer as a test subject at this Cornhusker school that created the first undergraduate psychology lab.

Barrett: "What is Nebraska?"- YEAH ($1,600)


Don't walk on the brass M on the diag before your first test at this Ann Arbor school; legend says you'll flunk it if you do.

Nilai: "What is Michigan?"- YUP ($6K)

$400 MT:

Played by the Scots before battle, this instrument was easy to make as long as you had a goat or sheep skin & a reed pipe.

Nilai: "What are the bagpipes?"- GOT 'EM ($6,400)

Final Clue This Rd. for $200:

A customary mode of personal hygiene was scraping these w/ a hazel twig & rubbing w/ a woolen cloth.

Leonard: "What are teeth?"- YES INDEED ($6K)


Next Six Subjects:

$400 D & I:

English blacksmith Thomas Newcomen developed this type of engine, constructing one in 1712.

Leonard: "What is combustion?"- NO ($5,600)
Barrett: "What is steam?"- YES ($2K)


DD! For $4K or $0, the answer is:

In 1783, Antoine Lavoisier named this element, from Greek words for "water former".

"What is Hydrogen?"...he's correct!


This polio vaccine developer established a research facility in San Diego that's named for him.

Leonard: "Who is Jonas Salk?"- RIGHT ($6,800)


In the 1930s, this Cal Tech seismologist devised a way to determine the magnitude of earthquakes.

Leonard: "Who is (Charles) Richter?"- RIGHT ($8,400)


Reaching for the Stars
is a biography of this rocket scientist, the son of a German baron.

Leonard: "Who is Robert Goddard?"- SORRY ($6,400)
Nilai: "Who is (Wernher) Van Braun?"- GOT HIM ($8,400)

$1,600 TH!:

Singular last name of Zebulon, who got a CO peak named for him without ever reaching the top.

Nilai: "Who is Pike?"- RIGHT ($10K)

$1,600 BQ:

In Luke, a father celebrates the safe return of an errant son by killing this; "Let us eat, and be merry".

Nilai: "What is a ram?"- WRONG ($8,400)

TS #5: Calf

$2K TH!:

Brutus called this man, his co-conspirator, "...the last of the Romans".

Nilai: "Who is Cassius?"- RIGHT ($10,400)

$1,200 TH!:

In 1959, he gave up the title of chairman of the People's Republic of China, but kept control of the country.

Leonard: "Who is Mao Tse-Tung?"- IT WAS HIM ($7,600)

$800 TH!:

In 1869, Elizabeth Cady Stanton & this woman formed the National Woman Suffrage Association.

Nilai: "Who is (Susan B.) Anthony?"- RIGHT ($11,200)

Closing Out TH!:

In 2007, this former V-P won the Nobel Peace Prize, sharing it w/ the intergovernmental panel on Climate Change.

Barrett: "Who is Al Gore?"- RIGHT ($4,400)

First Secret:

If you're asked to keep something secret, you've been told "in" this, also a word meaning "self-assurance".

Nilai: "What is confidence?"- RIGHT ($11,600)

$1,200 OtD:

One of 2011's top nonfiction kindle downloads was Inside this: The Store of America's Most Secretive Religion.

Barrett: "What is Scientology?"- RIGHT ($5,600)


One mouthwatering iPhone app was this food-cutting game featuring the Wise Sensei.

Nilai: "What is 'Fruit Ninja'?"- CORRECT ($13,200)


You can download a podcast of the Kokua Festival started by this Hawaiian singer-surfer-songwriter.

TS #6: Jack Johnson

$1,600 Secret:

In a book by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Mary Lennox finds a key that she hopes will open this title place.

Nilai: "What is The Secret Garden?"- RIGHT ($14,800)


This anti-immigrant party that peaked in the 1850s grew out of a secret society.

Barrett: "Who are The Know-Nothings?"- YES THEY WERE ($7,600)

$1,600 C Before I, After E:

To make a return as for something given, like a favor.

Barrett: "What is to reciprocate?"- YEAH INDEED ($9,200)


A car starts to do this-- lower in value due to wear & tear-- the second it leaves the lot.

Barrett: "What is depreciate?"- RIGHT ($10,400)


Superficially pleasing or plausible; it describes some arguments.

TS #6: Specious

$1,200 BQ:

DD #2!
Barrett bets two grand:

Matthew 6 says "Consider..." these flowers "...of the field, how they grow".

"What are roses?"...those will cost him- those were lilies.

$1,200 Secret:

This law enforcement division was created in 1865 to fight counterfeiting.

Barrett: "What is the Secret Service?"- REBOUND ($9,600)


During WWII, this girl & her sister Margot lived in a secret annex.

Leonard: "Who was Anne Frank?"- YEP ($8,400)

$2K BQ:

In this Old Testament book, the handwriting on the wall read "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin".


$800 C Before I, After E:

Falling products of condensation in the atmosphere.

Leonard: "What is precipitation?"- RIGHT ($9,200)


To repeat a piece of poetry before an audience.

Nilai: "What is to recite?"- GOT THAT ($15,200)

$800 OtD:

His song "Home" downloaded huge after he won "American Idol" last yr.

Nilai: "Who is Phillip Phillips?"- YOU BET ($16,800)


2012 brought online gamers a deluxe "Mists of Pandora" digital download expansion of this game.

Nilai: "What is 'World of Warcraft'?"- THAT'S THE ONE ($16,400)

$800 BQ:

Galatians: "Christ is become of no effect unto are fallen from..." this.

Barrett: "What is the garden?"- NOPE ($8,800)
Leonard: "What is grace?"- YES ($10K)- TIME'S UP

TOTAL DJ! LT: $7,600

Nilai: $16,400

Barrett: $9,600
Leonard: $10K

FIRST FJ! TOPIC THIS FINAL: American Literature.

In the first chapter of this 1939 novel, "When the night came again it was black night, for the stars could not pierce the dust".

BARRETT: "What is The Grapes of Wrath?" (ALL-IN) = $17,600
LEONARD: "What is The Awakening" ($7K) = $3K
NILAI: SAME AS BARRETT ($2,600) = $19K
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