Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Jeopardy!" 2/12- TT FINALE

Next Six Subjects:
THE WEATHER & GEOGRAPHY REPORT (map picture clues)

$800 How Nobel of Them:

INSTANT DD! To get Nilai off to a $1K start this evening:

He got his job at age four; 49 yrs. later, in 1989, he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

"Who is Jimmy Carter?"...not even close- it was the Dalai Lama.


The IAEA, the International this Agency, shared the 2005 NPP for its efforts to make nuclear power safe.

Nilai: "What is atomic energy?"- BACK TO SQUARE ONE

$1K The Weather & Geography Report:

Better bring an umbrella to Lloro near this South American country's Pacific Coast, said to average 40 ft. of rain a yr.

Nilai: "What is Columbia?"- CORRECT ($1K)


On Apr. 12, 1934, Mt. Washington in this state got quite a blow- wind clocked at 231 mph.

Nilai: "What is New Hampshire?"- CORRECT ($1,800)


Raindrops won't be falling on your head in Arica in this South American country; it takes 30+ yrs. to get one inch of rain.

Leonard: "What is Chile?"- YES ($600)

$200 Video Game Timeline:

1980: This pie-shaped character chomps its way into arcades.

Leonard: "Who is 'Pac-Man'?"- ABSOLUTELY ($800)


'95: SONY releases PlayStation, which loads games from these instead of cartridges.

Nilai: "What are CDs?"- RIGHT ($2,200)

$400 Weather & Geography Report:

Want variety? Over two days in 1916, the temperature in Browning in this state went from 44 to -56 degrees.

Leonard: "What is Montana?"- RIGHT ($1,200)

$600 VGT:

'07: This game from Harmonix is like "Guitar Hero" w/ mic & drums.

Leonard: "What is 'Rock Band'?"- GOT IT ($1,800)


'09: "Batman" wins new fans as he fights bad guys who've seized this mental hospital.

Leonard: "What is Arkham Asylum?"- RIGHT ($2,600)


'10: This XBOX motion-sensing system allows players to play games without a controller.

Leonard: "What is Kinect?"- RIGHT ($3,600)

Closing Out the Weather & Geography Report:

It gets hot in El Azizia near Tripoli in this country, hot like 124 degrees one day in 1922.

Nilai: "What is Libya?"- RIGHT ($2,400)

$800 GWR:

In 2011, a robot solved this toy in a record 5.27 sec.

Nilai: "What is a Rubik's Cube?"- RIGHT ($3,200)


Also in '11, the world's longest living snake was a 25-ft., two-in. reticulated one of these.

Barrett: "What is Python?"- FINALLY ON THE BOARD ($1K)- FIRST BREAK

$200 "Off": 

It's a new TV series derived from an existing one, like "Teen Mom" from "16 and Pregnant".

Leonard: "What is a spin-off?"- RIGHT ($3,800)


When you aren't connected to the Internet, you still may be able to work this way.

Nilai: "What is offline?"- RIGHT ($3,600)


It's a nine-letter word for one's children.

Nilai: "What are offspring?"- YES THEY ARE ($4,600)


Beware of this unlicensed copy of a more expensive item like a name-brand purse or watch.

Leonard: "What is off-brand?"- NOT ACCEPTABLE ($3K)
Barrett: "What is knock-off?"- GOOD ($1,800)


The International Chili Society sanctions this type of competition worldwide.

Leonard: "What is a cookoff?"- RIGHT ($3,600)

First O & E:

The golden apples of The Hesperides were guarded by Ladon, one of these mythic creatures.

Nilai: "What is a dragon?"- GOT THAT ($4,800)


Clavicle's another name for this bone.

Leonard: "What's the...uh...like the neck bone- collar bone"- GOOD ENOUGH ($4,600)


goarmy.com has a section called "locate" this person whose job's to help you join up.

Barrett: "Who is a recruiter?"- CORRECT ($2,600)

$600 (Jimmy from the Mekong River in Vietnam):

Along the Mekong you see this symbol that represents the two complimentary forces that make up all aspects & phenomena of life.

Nilai: "What are yin & yang?"- HAD TO BE ($5,400)


The Cloisters & The Costume Institute are both part of this vast NYC museum.

Barrett: "What is the Guggenheim?"- NO ($2,200)
Nilai: "What is Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum?"- NO ($5K)

FIRST TS TONIGHT: Metropolitan Museum of Art

$600 GWR:

2,865 fountains were created when participants dropped this brand of candy into bottles of soda.

Leonard: "What are mentos?"- GOT 'EM ($5,200)- ONE-MIN. ALERT


Fastest talker Sean Shannon set a record by reciting the "To be or not to be" soliloquy from this play in 23.8 sec.

Nilai: "What is 'MacBeth'?"- NO ($4,600)
Barrett: What is 'Romeo & Juliet'?"- NO ($1,800)

TS #2: "Hamlet"


How low can you go in this party dance? One girl passed under a bar set just 8.5 in. off the floor.

Nilai: "What is the Limbo?"- IT IS ($4,800)

$600 Nobel:

For his work on monetary theory, Milton Friedman won the 1976 Nobel Prize for this.

Leonard: "What is Economics?"- RIGHT ($5,800)- END OF RD.

LT (all attempted): $800

Last Half-Dozen Topics in this Teen Tourney:

$400 AL:

In an 1845 poem he quoted the raven as saying "Nevermore".

Nilai: "Who is (Edgar Allan) Poe?"- YOU BET ($5,200)

$1,600 SS:

Pluto's one of the larger KBOs, objects found within this belt.

Nilai: "What is the Kuiper Belt?"- RIGHT ($6,800)

$1,600 Feb.:

The Winter Olympic Games were hosted by this U.S. city in Feb. '02.

Nilai: "What is Salt Lake City?"- RIGHT ($8,400)


DD #1! Now, for $2K more:

Though technically in Winter, the protests that toppled Egypt's leader is Feb. 2011 were part of this.

"What is the Arab Spring?"...indeed that was it for $10,400!

$1,600 AL:

In Jul. 1741, Jonathan Edwards delivered the fiery sermon these people "...in the hands of an angry God".

Leonard: "What are sinners?"- RIGHT ($7,400)

$400 T-L W:

13 letters: Enjoy the ice cream after the Palatines get removed in this operation common for kids.

Nilai: "What are...what is Tonsillectomy?"- YEAH INDEED ($10,800)

$1,200 SS:

Arcturus, one of the brightest stars in the night sky, is classified as one of these, larger & brighter than The Sun.

Leonard: "What is a red giant?"- YUP ($8,600)

$1,600 FF:

Aussie actress Rebel Wilson is aca-larious as Fat Amy in this movie about collegiate a cappella.

Leonard: "What is 'Pitch Perfect'?"- EXACTLY ($10,200)

$1,600 OE:

In college football, "The Play" is the one on which Cal beat Stanford w/ five of these sideways passes.

Barrett: "What is a lateral?"- YEP ($3,400)


This hissing sound can also mean to end feebly after a promising start.

Barrett: "What is fizzle?"- CORRECT ($5,400)

$2K FF:

Matt Damon & his kids find themselves w/ a large menagerie of pets in this '11 flick.

Nilai: "What is 'We Bought a Zoo'?"- YES INDEED ($12,800)

$2K Feb.:

On Feb. 23, 1847, Zachary Taylor had a "good view" of the fighting as his U.S. troops won this key battle in The Mexican War.

Barrett: "What is Buena Vista?"- GOT THAT ONE ($7,400)


On Feb. 26, 1815, he escaped from the island of Elba & headed back to France.

Nilai: "Who was Napoleon?"- RIGHT ($13,600)

$2K SS:

In 2006, the large dwarf planet known as UB313 was renamed this, after the Greek Goddess of Discord.

Leonard: "What is Eris?"- RIGHT ($12,200)

$1,200 AL:

"Devon is sometimes considered the most beautiful school in New England"" is a line from this John Knowles novel.

Barrett: "What is A Separate Peace?"- YEAH ($8,600)


She wrote a couple of famous "teen" novels, O Pioneers! from 1913 & My Antonia from 1918.

Leonard: "Who is Willa Cather?"- RIGHT ($14,200)


13 letters: Seen here- it links up smaller devices to calculate incredibly fast.

Leonard: "What is a supercomputer?"- RIGHT ($15,400)


13 letters: Swiss & Portuguese are two of these.

Barrett: "Demonyms?"- WAY OFF ($7K)

TS #3: Nationalities


16 letters: Embezzlement or other improper use of funds.

TS #4: Misappropriation

$1,200 FF:

Margaret Hamilton played both Miss Gulch & The Wicked Witch in this 1939 classic.

Barrett: "What is 'The Wizard of Oz'?"- OF COURSE IT WAS ($8,200)

$1,200 OE:

While being grilled to death, St. Lawrence said "Please..." do this; "I'm done on one side".

Leonard: "What is turn me over?"- YES INDEED ($16,600)

$800 SS:

It passed by Earth in 1896 & isn't expected to return until 2061-- hope you kids enjoy that.

Leonard: "What is Haley's Comet?"- RIGHT ($17,400)

$800 FF:

"Twihards" sank their teeth into this '12 film, the final chapter in the "Twilight" saga.

Leonard: "What is 'Breaking Dawn- Part 2?"- RIGHT ($18,200)

$800 AL:

LAST DD! At the ONE-MIN. ALERT, he's gambling $18K (& he means it), so he's going big or going home likely after this clue:

In Reginald Rose's play "Twelve Angry Men", the men are all members of one of these.

"What is a jury?"...the verdict on that response- GIVE IT TO HIM!!!

$800 T-L W:

17 letters: The philosophy of Thoreau & Emerson.

Leonard: "What is Transcendentalism?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($37K)

$800 OE:

In an O. Henry story, a boy kidnapped for this payment is so much trouble that in the end the kidnappers pay to return him.

Barrett: "What is ransom?"- YEAH ($9K)

$400 OE:

Put three letters before "real" to get this, a trial ended by the judge w/ no verdict.

Nilai: "What is a mistrial?"- CORRECT ($14K)

$400 SS:

In a 2009 essay contest, 12-yr.-old Clara Ma came up w/ this winning name for the Mars Rover.

Nilai: "What is Curiosity?"- RIGHT ($14,800)- TIME'S UP

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $1,600 (Teen-Letter Words)
SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $2K (same topic)

TOTAL DJ! LT: $3,600

Nilai: $15,400
Barrett: $9K
Leonard: $19K

Nilai: $31,800
Barrett: $18,600
Leonard: $29K

FJ! CATEGORY: Military Men.

On Jun. 6, 1944, he said "The eyes of the world are upon you".

BARRETT: "Who is Dwight D Eisenhower" (ALL-IN) + $17,600 = $35,600
NILAI: "Who is Winston Churchill FDR" ($7K) + $19K = $26,400
LEONARD: "WHO is some guy in Normandy. But I just won $75,000!" (ZIPPO) + $3K = $40K
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