Thursday, February 14, 2013

"King of the Nerds" 2/14

NW #5: The teams have to build a big Rubik's Cube using the pieces scattered around the fountain, then they have to solve a Sudoku puzzle for the win.

Joshua decides to sit out & the Sudoku part of the challenge's up Moogega's alley.

WINNERS- Blextrophy (who get to go inside a flight simulator)

N-O #5: Ivan vs. Joshua (3-1 over Danielle)
GAME: Out in the field are 30 trash cans covered by a big die, each containing an object; there are 15 matching pairs. The first to match seven up of them wins. Along the way, though, they have to withstand flying tennis balls & a sumo wrestler named Byambajaw Ulambayar.

WINNER- Ivan (7-6)
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