Thursday, February 07, 2013

"King of the Nerds" 2/7

NW #4: Each teammate will speak on a superhero-themed topic in a debate. Best of four rounds.
GJ: Gordon Stables (USC Director of Debate & Forensics), Kevin Smith & Jason Hewes (the latter two are known as "Jay & Silent Bob")

R1 ("It is more preferable to be born with superpowers than to be genetically altered later."): Alana vs. Ivan- SFO
R2 ("Superheroes, by their very nature, attract super-villains, thereby creating more problems for society than benefits."): Genevieve vs. Joshua- SFO (2)
R3 ("Having superpowers should give superheroes immunity from prosecution under human law."): Celeste vs. Danielle- SFO SWEEP!

N-O #4: Alana vs. Genevieve
GAME: Each correct answer to a Q allows that player to break through a wall; the first to break all four walls wins.

1. Which of these names does NOT belong to a prominent Batman villain- Basil Karlo, Simon Maddox, Thomas Elliot or Roman Sionis?

A: Basil
G: Simon

2. Which superhero first appeared in Action Comics #1, along w/ Superman- Plastic Man, Aquaman, Captain Comet or Zatara?

A: Aquaman
G: Zatara

3. Which of these doctors actually has a medical degree- Dr. Mid-Nite, Dr. Destiny, Dr. Impossible or Dr. Occult?

A: Mid-Nite
G: Impossible

4. In what yr. did Superman first appear- 1951, 1938, 1929 or 1941?

A: '29
G: '38

5. The Avenger Hawkeye has a brother, who is a villain- Trickshot, Deadshot, Deadeye or Bullseye?

A: Bullseye
G: Trickshot- WIN
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