Friday, February 01, 2013

"Let's Make a Deal" 2/1

The Mon. intro montage's used again.

Linda's FD Decision (a dog groomer dressed as a dog catcher who hasn't been on a trip in 13 yrs.): BB- Digital camera/camcorder package ($4,853)
Lena's FD Decision (Queen for a Day): CURTAIN #3- Trip to Smugglers' Notch
Murray's FD Decision: $2K (CURTAIN #2)- Nacho cheese hot tub


Laura Haas-Garcia (a breast cancer fighter & dance instructor dressed as a Flamenco dancer) plays Go For a Spin for a Nissan Versa HB worth $15,460.

Popcorn & Potato Chips: POPCORN- NO WAY
Video Game & Board Game: VIDEO- NO
James Bond & Austin Powers: BOND- YES


The couple of the day's Jose & Erika (popcorn & drink married for three yrs- they celebrated their anniversary a week after this episode was filmed).

Rejected in R1: SB (sparkle)- Pair of diamond/sapphire white gold earrings ($1,999)
Rejected in R2 (by Alexandra the pirate wench as well): CURTAIN #3 (classic)- Model T
FD by Everyone: SE (distant)(even though Alexandra needs to pay for tuition)- Trip to the Rosedon Hotel
CURTAIN #2 (domestic)- Kitchen makeover feat. Cabinets To Go! ($4,817)

PD #2

Marcy (a medical administrator dressed as a sock hopper) & Charles (a broke college student dressed as a banana) play Bid & Find the Prize for a '13 Ford Focus S (CURTAIN #1).

M: $16K
C: $15,999 (ARP: $16,995)

M (after both refuse $300): #6- NOPE
C: #3- NOPE
M (after both decline $500): #2- NOPE
C: #5- NOPE
M (after both give back $800): #4- FOCUS (though the picture on the winning card looks like the SE HB instead)

Wayne lets Charles sell his watch in exchange for $200, and Marcy's going to replace her 14-yr.-old car!

Paula's Instant Reaction Roll (raining cats & dogs): 5/6 (YOU'RE GOING TO ENJOY THESE ON YOUR FEET BUT THEY'LL HURT)
DECISION: $1,100 (SB)- Mouse trap flip-flops (submitted by Katie Ritchie)

Cory's IR Roll (baseball player): 5/5 (THIS IS A PLACE TO LAY YOUR HEAD DOWN SOFTLY)
DECISION: CURTAIN #3- Bedroom ($6,210)

PD #3

Melanie's FD Decision (a waitress dressed as a princess): SB- ASUS laptop to replace her broken one ($1,299)(BB: Designer accessories)($3,218)

BD #86 (Lena):

SD (#3): Sunny motorscooter package
MD (#1): Trip to La Playa
BD (#2): Jeep Compass Latitude (Std., UConn., Altitude)($23,590)(revealed second)- TOUCHDOWN! (they never offered the Commander & still haven't offered the Grand Cherokee, but in all the times they've offered it, they've still yet to give away the Wrangler)

Nicholas (leprechaun): Dish sponge ($500)(Tiffany)- INSTANTLY!
Patricia (Statue of Liberty) & Jennifer: Number of keys on Jennifer's keychain (Jonathan)($100)- NONE AT ALL
Norma (birthday): Birthday candle ($100)(Tiffany)- FOUND

W/ that, there's a NEW AIRED S-H GT OF $74,353!

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