Monday, February 18, 2013

"Let's Make a Deal" 2/18

During these 50th Anniversary episodes, we see the 50th Anniv. logo on top of the entranceway & the intro montage's been updated w/ classic & current clips.

Alexis' FD Decision (starting w/ a $5K bankroll): CURTAIN #1 (???)- Laundered money ($100)
SB (AT LEAST $500) & BB (AT LEAST $1K)- "DOUBLE YOUR $$ + ONE SPIN" ($10K- of course, we're just kidding about the extra spin part)

Carmen (a cosmetics person dressed as a bear) plays the Four Keys Deal. To go for a car, she declines a bedroom group ($3,406) & $1K.

#1 (Jonathan): NOPE
#2 (Tiffany): NOPE
#3 (Carmen): FIAT ($16,272)- PD!
#4 (Wayne): NOPE

(Note: As of this season, Cat has developed a new win theme for wins in car/cash games.)

Don't Blame Me:

Merlita's R (Little Bo Peep): PASS BB TO SCOTT (green wig)($1K)- ELLIPTIGO exercise package ($3,144)
Scott's R: PASS SB (which also has the 50th Anniv. logo) TO MERLITA ($1K)- Fred Segal makeover ($3K)
TBR (CURTAIN #1): BOTH- Dragon car

Reacesha's FD Decision: BB- Home office ($2,680) + $5K bonus in GE underneath SAMSUNG laptop (Gold bracelet: $158 + cash equivalent)

Mary's "LMaD News" FD Decision (cowgirl who's also known as Gem): CURTAIN #2 ($1.5K)- Trip to NYC ($5,908)

PD #2

Richard (a DJ dressed as bacon) could really bring home the bacon starting in Movin' on Up for the '13 Mazda3 SV (CURTAIN #3).


LOSES $1,600

The last couple deals before the big one involve clips from the '70s using Monty's Money Machine.

Kimberly's FD Decision (a mortgage adviser dressed as a firefighter): CURTAIN #1- AjMadison baking kitchen ($4,082)($1 TURNED INTO $50 X 3)
Andrea's FD Decision (a waitress dressed as a unicorn): SB- ZONK Date Night (since a $500 bill & a $1K bill transformed from a BUCK back then, that costs her $4.5K)

BD #97:

SD (#2): Home theater ($3,188)
MD (#3): Panama Tour & $3K- GAME OVER FOR CARMEN
BD (#1): Mitsubishi Outlander SE (so the SD was worth $75,170 today)

Claudia (pirate): $100 per quarter, up to three- $300 MAX-OUT
Nicole (pink crayon): Golf ball ($500)(Jonathan)- YES

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