Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Let's Make a Deal" 2/20

At this point, I can tell you the SD board (the logo for it's now more dark blue) now drops onto one of the main hub's "benches" instead of in the center audience entranceway.

Beat the Dealer (I would like to see this played for everything like the last time Monty hosted it almost three yrs. ago because we're in a SD period):

$500 R:

William (a furniture salesman dressed as an elf): I- SIX
Mariah (multicolored wig): A- FOUR
Linda (an old-school teacher from Florence, NJ): G- SEVEN

R2 Prize(s)(CURTAIN #1): Home theater ($3,748)

Linda: F- FIVE
William: B (Brady; he chose his letter before Linda's was revealed)- WIN (NINE)

CAR (CURTAIN #2): Ford Fiesta S

William: H- TWO
Wayne: E- ZONK!


Date Deal:

Rejected in R1: GB (???)- Vegetable jewelry
Rejected in R2: BB (has a grill/grille)- BBQ package w/ $500 Omaha Steaks ($2,564)

Adam (big brown hat) & Mari (sailor; she listened to her grandson): CURTAIN #3 (multiple items)- Bedroom ($2,867)
BB (have a nice trip)- Trip to Turtle Bay ($9,613)

Jeffrey (Viking) & Laura (Christmas elf) play Draw Me a Deal.

Picture: SCISSORS (no timer for the :15)- SCISSORS (triple to $3K)
FD: NO TO CURTAIN #1- Scissors lawn mower

Michelle's Number Guess for $100 Bill GE: 7
FD: CODE- 85381726 ($1K)

Shalisha ("Which Came First?" chicken/egg; her husband Lanyon's dressed as an "I Came First!" egg) is about to have Jonathan break open some pigs in Smash for Ca$h.

1. #3: $3 ($1K)
2. #10: BUCK ($4)
3. #2: $2 ($6)($2K)
4. #8: ZONK- STOP

Unbroken: #1, #4, #5, #6, #7 & #9

James' FD Decision (a retired Air Force Master Sergeant & current IT manager wearing a shower cap): GB- Chicago getaway ($6,200)
Sylvia's FD Decision (nerd in suspenders): CURTAIN #3- Nissan Versa HB ($15,450)
Gillian's FD Decision (designer): VALUE OF BD IN THE PILOT ($2,005)(CURTAIN #1: Giant vacuum w/ gorilla inside)

PD #2

Sandra (an interior designer who's wearing big dollar signs made out of old paper money) gets to ask Jonathan Big Head in regards to CURTAIN #2:

1. Does it involve getting on an airplane?
2. Does it have four wheels?
3. Do you typically sit in it?
4. Does it move?
5. Is it generally used indoors?

Q Choices:
1. #5- NOPE
2. #4- YEAH
3. #2- NOPE

FD: GO ($1K- she listened to her daughter Sarah)- Sunny motorscooter ($1,999)

PD #3

BD #99 (James):

SD (#3): Washer/dryer ($2,896- description edited out of broadcast)
MD (#1): Game room ($5,330)
BD (#2): West White Potter Sailboat ($24,995)- WIN

SD #6 (the board for it dropped just before he even chose a BD door): He keeps that WWP (apparently on the advice of supposed wife Cheryl) & would've chosen the Emerald...



...he made the right choice! The right colored envelope matched his spa robe.

In the sole aired QD for $500, Elisa (who brought a translator) doesn't have for Mr. Mangum a mustard packet.

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