Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Let's Make a Deal"/"The Price is Right" 2/13


Three Row Deal:

Isaiah's R (nursing assistant): CURTAIN #1- AjMadison kitchen ($5,821; Ashley is his finacee)
McKenzie's R (Summer): SB- Trip to Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino
Caralee's R (a voice/piano teacher dressed as a Red Devil): CURTAIN #3 ($1,300)- Flying house

Dennis (safari guy) is going on a different escape, The Great Escape, that is- he could drive away in the white Mazda2.

TIME- :30
KEY(S): #11, #8, #5, #6, #2 & #7- FIRST TOTAL LOSS OF SEASON (A: #1)

Phyllis Aisha's FD Decision (funky fairy godmother): "TRADER EXPERIENCES UNFORGETTABLE DAY AFTER TAKING SMALL BOX!" (Jonathan)($900)- Murad luxury spa day ($2,545)

Justin's Debate Choice (asparagus): CURTAIN #1- Honda ATV (GB SE: 40 $10s)

(Note: The timer did appear for this particular deal.)


Follow the Leader:

Rejected in R1: SB (sweet deal)- Bug candy
Rejected in R2: CURTAIN #2 (something to work on)- Home office ($3,037)
Rejected in R3: CURTAIN #3 (???)- Trip to Graceland

Catherine (angel): BB (clean deal)- Motorcycle vacuum
Jason (doctor) & Amanda: $1K

Rhonda-Lynn (possibly a Music teacher) & Brittany (jellyfish) play Find the Prize After Bidding On It for a '13 FIAT 500 (CURTAIN #1).

B: $16K
R-L: $16,001 (ARP: $16,200)

R-L: #3- NOPE
B: #1- NOPE
R-L: #7- NOPE 
B: #5- NOPE
R-L (after both turn down $800): #2- NOPE
B: #8- FIAT

After the next break, Wayne reminds us about the 50th Anniversary celebration.

Danielle's FD Decision (dance teacher): SE- BOUNCED CHECK
BB- Tickets to the Northern Trust Open w/ golf clubs ($2,750)

BD #94 (Justin):

SD (#2): BULL BBQ w/ Cuisinart fajita maker & cast iron grilling platter ($2,293)- LOSS
MD (#3): Living room ($5,377)
BD (#1): Bayliner 185 Bowrider

Even though she's a cat person, Stacie (dog lady) does show Tiffany a $500 dog biscuit.

TPiRecap (featuring an ineligible contestant, 2nd this season; the first aired incident was on 1/24)


7: "Deal"
6: "Price"
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