Monday, February 04, 2013

"Let's Make a Deal"/"The Price is Right" 2/4

LMaD: This is indeed the third aired Family Show this season.

Draw Straws (only the red one's used today):

Lynnette (realtor), Jenna & Hannah (a pianist who's given the chance to play a few notes on Cat's guitar; they're all dressed as pirates)'s FD Decision: RED- $2,100
CURTAIN #2 (???)- Electronics, mostly computers ($3,372)
CURTAIN #1 (sweet tooth)- S'mores hot tub
BB (travel required)- Five-night family trip to the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel ($12,175)

Victoria & Renee (birthday girls) play a single-player version of Spell the Car's Name Out for the TOYOTA Corolla L.

1. #3 (R)- Y (--Y---)
2. #7 (V)- O (-OY---)
3. #2 (R)- T (TOY---)
4. #4 (R)- ZONK

At the very least in the STJ, its a Nicole by O-P-I Selena Gomez nail collection & a $2K Spa Week gift card (SB)($2,307).

5. #5 (R)- O (TOYO--)
6. #1 (R, because her aunt's birthday is in Jan.)(after also declining $300)- A (TOYO-A)
FINAL PICK AFTER ALSO GIVING BACK $1K: #8 (R, because they have three family members in the studio, four daughters & a grandchild on the way, so she's pregnant)- PD! (TOYOTA)

FD by the two Edwards (the father's a firefighter; the son's a Communications student at Loyola Marymount University): CURTAIN #1 ($1K- featuring a close-up photo)- Camping gear, including Trek mountain bikes ($2,967)

PD #2

Twins Jill (witch) & Erin (baker) play Smash for Ca$h.

1. #5 (E, because of parents Charles & Stacy, dressed as the Tin Man & Scarecrow): $3 ($1K)
2. #2 (J): $2 ($5)($2K)
3. #3 (E's favorite number): BUCK ($6)
4. #10 (J): $2 ($8)($3K)
5. #6 (E): ITP
6. #7 (J): BUCK ($9)
7. #4 (J): LAST BUCK BANK ($10)
For $5K: #1 (J)- LOSES $2,800 (#8: $2/#9: $3)

Jodi, Matt, Brandon & Marc Schwartz's Jukebox CD (The Brainiacs): #3- KIDS SHOW
FD: CURTAIN #3- KIA Soul (#3: $1K)

PD #3

Tallulah (hot dog), Ian (mustard) & Shawne (ketchup)'s FD Decision: CURTAIN #2 ($1K)- Fast food bedroom ($100)(JitB: Five-night trip to The Venetian Grace Bay)($10,700)

BD #87 (Double Edwards): These guys might drive back in a '13 Chevrolet Equinox LS worth $24,580; their wife's Dianne & daughter's Alissa.

SD (#1): Ultimate sports collection ($2,433)
MD (#3, which the girls wanted them to choose w/): $7,335
BD (#2, chosen by the boys): EQUINOX- THREE-CAR SWEEP!

An unknown family of five (crayons): Get in line from smallest to tallest in :10 ($100)(Jonathan)- YES
Phyllis (Egyptian): King of Clubs ($500)(Tiffany)- SORRY



9: "Deal"
7: "Price"
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