Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"Let's Make a Deal"/"The Price is Right" 2/6


Beat the Dealer:

Jenise (a housewife dressed as a '70s girl): A (Ashley)- SIX
David (photographer): D- FIVE
Clarissa (an airport ramp agent): F (fun)- SEVEN

R2 Prize(s)(CURTAIN #1): BBQ package ($5,034)

Clarissa: E- BUST (ONE)
Jenise: B- THREE

CAR (CURTAIN #2): '13 Nissan Versa (Std., Guards)($12,910; the plug incorrectly said it was a '12 automobile)

Jenise: H- ZONK (TWO)
Wayne: C- FOUR (G: VERSA S.)

Alexis (a student athlete dressed as an angel) & Joseph (a video game land center worker dressed as a Mexican) are NOT related to each other.

Rejected in R1: SB (freebie)- MacBook Air
Taken in that Rd.: CURTAIN #2- Kitchen w/ cookware ($3,844)
R2 (Joseph in control): $1K EACH (CURTAIN #3)- Cactus living room
TBR (BB): BOTH- Trip to Wyndham Vacation Rentals in Veil, CO ($8,250)


Tawni Halgen's "LMaD News" FD Decision (black cat): SE- One-yr. unlimited membership to yogaworks ($1,582)
CURTAIN #1- Trip to Treasure Island Resort

Efrat's Guess for $6,994 Prize (angel)(CURTAIN #2- ATV or game room?): GAME ROOM
FD: GO (turning down the $2,600 Cartier watch in the SB)- Yamaha ATV

Antwan McKelvin (a retail worker from Gaffney, SC dressed as a Christmas elf) plays Ca$h or Crash for the KIA Soul. As expected, it's on sale for $1.5K in this playing.

1. #1: $200
2. #3: DOUBLE
3. #3: DOUBLE
4. #2: $100 ($900)
5. #1: $300 ($1,200)
6. #3: ZONK- LOSES $1,100 (Next #1 Card: $300)

Deanne (moneybag & Robert (prisoner) are really a couple as they play Draw Me a Deal.


Check Choices:
Mitchel (a server dressed as a casino game table): SMALL
Rebecca (a Marine dressed as a referee): BIG (Jonathan)

Rebecca: SB (in front of CURTAIN #2)- Hand bags ($200)(sent in by Louise Crosby)(BC: $3,100)
Mitchel: CURTAIN #3- SOUL (SE: $310)

BD #89 (Alexis): There's a good reason why she didn't want to go to CO- she's torn an ACL twice.

SD (#2): Digital camera/camcorder package ($1,720)
MD (#3, which was her lucky number): Pool table & SAMSUNG 40" 3-D HDTV ($4,680)
BD (#1, after allegedly playing Rock, Paper, Scissors over wanting to pick #1 or #3): Pair of Chevrolet Sparks (revealed second)- FIRST TWO-CAR WINNER ON THIS SHOW SINCE THE END OF THE '70s SYNDICATED VERSION!!!

Speaking of "sparks", Melissa (ice cream cone) doesn't have a spark plug that would've resulted in Jonathan awarding her that $500 QD wad.



9: "Deal"
7: "Price"
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