Thursday, February 07, 2013

"Milionaire" 2/7

Olga officially walks w/ the $100K she racked up the last time after not having any clue about this:

$250K (Music in You?): Particularly skilled at the High Jump, what crooner had to choose between recording his first album & attending the 1956 U.S. Olympic trials?

A: Frank Sinatra
B: Johnny Mathis
C: Paul Anka
D: Tony Bennett

A: Mathis

Today's featured player is Sue Gausch from Phoenixville, PA (who wants to win enough for her wedding engagement so that she can make a TV reality show about her wedding).

TT: Heavy Ink, Bygone Occupations, All About Chemistry, Photo shoot, Cry for Compliments, Box Office Flops, Car Talk, Father of a Nation, What's My Floor? & Tasty Universe

1. What Pop star's numerous tattoos include a treble clef, a Rilke quote & a unicorn w/ a banner that reads "Born This Way"?

A: Lil' Kim
B: Lady GaGa
C: Madonna

D: Rihanna

FA: Lady GaGa- $1K

2. Paid to knock on people's doors, a "knocker-up" was once a profession in England made obsolete by what?

A: Alarm clocks
B: In vitro fertilization
C: Cloning
D: Pregnancy pillows

FA: Alarm clocks- QUADRUPLE

3. What scientist was awarded the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for "the discovery of the elements radium & polonium"?

A: Louis Pasteur
B: Marie Curie
C: Albert Schweitzer
D: Alexander Fleming

FA: Marie Curie- $7K ($11K)

She brought her boyfriend Mark & mom Ann.

4. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates & Jon Bon Jovi are among the 12 individuals posing in a 2012 Forbes magazine cover titled "Titans of..." what?

A: Capitalism
B: Tax reform
C: Philanthropy
D: Fashion

FA: Philanthropy- $15K ($26K)

5. Originating in the 1920s but still used today, what animal action's slang for something stylish?

A: Camel's spit
B: Hyena's laugh
C: Cat's meow
D: Monkey's scratch

FA: Meow- $25K ($51K)

6. Called one of the biggest box office flops ever, the '12 kids film "The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure" is about a birthday party for a what?

A: Banana
B: Tricycle
C: Pillow

D: Cactus

JUMP (A: Pillow- she was leaning towards cactus)- $2K

7. What automaker recently declared that the correct plural form of its famous hybrid car's "Prii"?

A: Nissan
B: Mazda

C: Toyota
D: Chevrolet

FA: Toyota- $100 ($51,100)

8. In 2011, who became his country's first leader to have a baby while in power since Napoleon II did it 155 yrs. earlier?

A: Silvio Berlusconi
B: David Cameron
C: Nicolas Sarkozy
D: Dmitry Medvedev

FA: Sarkozy- $500 ($51,600)

9. The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas has NO elevator floors that begin w/ what number, as it's considered bad luck in many Asian cultures?

A: Three
B: Four
C: Five
D: Eight


A: 32%
B: 27%
C: 15%

D: 26%

FA: Eight- LOSES $50,600 (A: Four)

Q of the Day: Before AL & HI were admitted in '59, what was the last state to enter the Union?



$1K Contestant #23: Melinda Novans (who got 11 stitches on a hand because she had a cell phone recovery accident)

Some astrophysicists believe the universe has a 3-torus shape, which they compare to a complex, multi-dimensional version of what snack?

A: Twinkie
B: Banana
C: Doughnut
D: Cheese ball

FA: Doughnut- WIN

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