Friday, February 01, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/1

Remember, the "Auction Hunters" stars are playing for America's VetDogs Veteran's K-9 Corps.

Pre-Randomized Categories: Read the Instructions, Movie Soundtracks, The Award Goes To..., New Musical, Common Ailments, Warning Books, Style Icons, Ye Olde Drug Store, Early Work & Really Popular Women
Final Listings: Movie Soundracks, The Award Goes To..., Early Work, Warning Books, New Musical, Read the Instructions, Style Icons, Common Ailments, Ye Olde Drug Store & Really Popular Women

1. Not surprisingly, which of these films featured the Aerosmith song "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)"?

A: "Mr. Mom"
B: "Mr. Deeds"
C: "Mrs. Doubtfire"

D: "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"

FA: "Mrs. Doubtfire"- $15K

2. The IFC series "Whisker Wars" follows devout fanatics as they travel the country competing in what?

A: Sous-chef contests
B: Catfish cook-offs
C: Kitty pageants
D: Bearding competitions

JUMP (A: Bearding competitions)- $2K (they already take a break after this)

3. Before finding his own success, what writer worked for two yrs. as Ralph Waldo Emerson's live-in handyman?

A: Henry David Thoreau
B: Robert Frost
C: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
D: Walt Whitman

BOTH JUMPS USED (A: Thoreau)- $1K

4. While in the Army, Dr. Seuss created a booklet featuring a mosquito named Ann to warn soldiers about the dangers of what?

A: Rabies
B: Scurvy
C: Malaria

D: Tuberculosis

FA: Malaria- $7K ($22K)

5. Set to open as a Broadway musical, "Hands on a Hardbody" is about a group of Texans vying to see who can keep their hands on a what the longest?

A: Truck
B: Corpse

C: Bodybuilder
D: Block of ice


A: 55%
B: 15%
C: 12%
D: 18%

FA: Truck- $5K ($27K)

6. What classic children's toy once came in boxes that typically contained engineering blueprints?

A: Ouija board
B: Slinky

C: Erector set
D: Rubik's Cube

FA: Erector set- $500 ($27.5K)

7. Last yr., a London exhibit celebrated what iconic character's style by displaying such items as a white bikini & a wardrobe of tailored tuxedos?

A: Sherlock Holmes
B: James Bond
C: Doctor Who

D: Harry Potter

FA: Bond- $100 ($27,600)

8. Borrowing from a tasty, protein-rich treat, what phrase has come to describe adipose-riddled upper legs?

A: Meringue thighs
B: Cottage cheese thighs

C: Greek yogurt thighs
D: Bean dip thighs

FA: Cottage cheese thighs- $25K ($52,600)

Q of the Day:
Which of these well-known proverbs feature the names of two popular U.S. magazines?

A: Time is money
B: Ignorance is bliss
C: Silence is golden
D: Love is blind

A: Time is money (also the name of a short-lived "Price" PG)

At this point, should they get either one of these last two queries wrong, they'll lose $42,600.

9. Which item at your local pharmacy was once made from sheep's intestines & called a "French letter"?

A: Toothbrush
B: Cough drop
C: Dental floss
D: Condom

FA: Condom- $10K ($62,600)

For $65,600: Since Gallup began asking the Q in 1948, who has been named their "most admired woman" a record 16 times?

A: Jackie Kennedy
B: Oprah Winfrey
C: Hillary Clinton

D: Mother Teresa

FA: Teresa (A: Hillary)

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