Monday, February 11, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/11

Starting off a potentially very memorable week is classically-trained Opera singer & trivia buff Paul Reese from Philadelphia.

Pre-Randomized Categories: It's 5'O'clock Somewhere, On Ice, Join Now, Candy Land, Hairy Fruit, Documentaries, Book Borrowing, Bush Abroad, Severe Weather (the Northeast just got hit by a blizzard this past weekend) & Alternate Versions
TT: Hairy Fruit, On Ice, Candy Land, Severe Weather, It's 5 O'clock Somewhere, Documentaries, Bush Abroad, Join Now, Book Borrowing & Alternate Versions

1. W/ remnants of its pistils or reproductive organs sticking out of its skin, which of these fruits appears to be covered in tiny hairs?

A: Cherry
B: Blueberry
C: Raspberry
D: Grape

FA: Raspberry- $10K

2. A company offering "The best & largest selection of ice sculpting equipment in the world", Ice Crafters sells many varieties of what tool?

A: Crowbar
B: Pliers
C: Chisel
D: Wrench

FA: Chisel- $500 ($10.5K)

3. Which of these candy brands shares its name w/ a South American mountain range?

A: Andes
B: Hershey's
C: Mars
D: Brach's

FA: Andes- $15K ($25.5K)

4. Meteorologists say what weather phenomenon could be the cause for reports of storms that rain frogs & fish?

A: Lightning
B: Microburst
C: Haboob
D: Waterspout

JUMPED (A: Waterspout)- $25K

5. If you have a "5 o'clock shadow", you have what?

A: A long cape
B: A stalker
C: An odor problem
D: Beard stubble

FA: Beard stubble (partly because his younger brother Mark in the audience reportedly has it)- $7K ($32.5K)

6. Spike Lee's '10 film "If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don't Rise" is his second documentary about what city?

B: Chicago
C: L.A.
D: New Orleans

FA: N.O.- $5K ($37.5K)

7. Coined after a '92 trip George H.W. Bush made to Japan, "bushusuru" refers to an act of public what?

A: Affection
B: Nudity
C: Vomiting
D: Brawling


A: 19%
B: 7%
C: 62%
D: 12%

FA: Vomiting- $100 ($37,600)

8. A "members-only shooter's cap" is a free gift given to new members of what national organization?


FA: NRA- $2K ($39,600)

9. In its acknowledgements, which of these books mentions the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, FL?

A: The Art of Fielding
B: Eat, Pray, Love
C: Water for Elephants
D: Freedom

FA: Water for Elephants- $3K ($42,600)

For $43,600: The U.K. cover of what artist's studio album titled "Electric Ladyland" raised some eyebrows w/ a photo of 19 naked women?

A: Jim Morrison
B: Bob Marley
C: Jimi Hendrix
D: Kurt Cobain

FINAL LIFELINE ACTIVATED (A: Hendrix, whom he wanted to pull the trigger on)

CM #51: Regardless of what happens, it appears he's going to Romania.

$100K (At Your Door): Due to sugar, flour & butter shortages, the Girl Scouts opted to replace their cookies w/ what other fundraising item during WWII?

A: Calendars
B: Encyclopedias
C: Pencils
D: Flowers


Q of the Day: What popular song, which climbed the Billboard charts during the '50s, features the familiar phrase "Day-O"?

A: "The Banana Boat Song"
B: "Unchained Melody"
C: "Mack the Knife"
D: "Sh-Boom"

A: "The Banana Boat Song"

$1K Contestant #24: Michelle Monica (a retired HS library media specialist for 16 yrs. from Bellview, NJ)

This $250K Q would've talked about Museums:

Opened last yr., what museum's fittingly located in one of the same buildings where the famed Kefauver hearings were held in 1950?

A: Mob Museum
B: International Spy Museum
C: Plagiarism Museum
D: Museum of Sex

FA: ISM- LOSS (A: Mob)

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