Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/12

Remember Sam Spaulding from exactly a week ago (as well as the Nov. '10 "Jeopardy! College Championship")? Well, he has gone from being a one-question contestant to a full-fledged one!

Pre-Randomized Categories: Misleading TV Titles, Do the Math, Tourist Traps, Monkey Do, Inspiring Treats, Bad Breakups, Leisurely Battles, Route Mapping, Chance Encounters & Early Medicine
TT: Misleading TV Titles, Monkey Do, Do the Math, Inspiring Treats, Bad Breakups, Route Mapping, Tourist Traps, Chance Encounters, Leisurely Battles & Early Medicine

1. Given its title, first-time viewers of what TV series might think the main character is a monastery-dwelling Buddhist?

A: "Dexter"
B: "Coach"
C: "Monk"

D: "Bones"

FA: "Monk"- $3K

2. Which of these animals doesn't belong in a zoo's Primate House?

A: Gibbon
B: Koala
C: Baboon

D: Human being

FA: Koala- $1K ($4K)

3. Which of the following film titles refers to the shortest total amount of time?

A: "9 1/2 Weeks"
B: "Around the World in 80 Days"
C: "A Month in the Country"

D: "40 Days and 40 Nights"

FA: "A Month in the Country"- $100 ($4,100)

4. In '91, what brand of chocolates launched a Promises line w/ inspirational messages inside each wrapper?

A: Dove
B: Cadbury
C: Ghirardelli
D: Godiva


A: 72%
B: 12%
C: 6%
D: 10%

FA: Dove (also a skin care product name)- $2K ($6,100)

5. Last yr., Morrissey's publicist debunked rumors by confirming that what band's "never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever going to reunite- ever"?

A: The Clash
B: The Cure
C: The Ramones
D: The Smiths

FA: The Smiths- $5K ($11,100)

His mom's Phyllis & sister's Rebecca.

6. Traversing 21 miles of bay waters in 23 mins., history's first U.S. commercial flight departed from St. Petersburg, FL & landed where?

A: Orlando
B: Tallahassee
C: Jacksonville
D: Tampa

JUMPED (A: Tampa)- $7K

7. On its 500th birthday last yr., what landmark was the subject of much debate about limiting its visitors, partly to protect its frescoes from atmospheric change?

A: Great Sphinx of Giza
B: Sistine Chapel
C: Stonehenge
D: Taj Mahal

FA: Sistine Chapel- $10K ($21,100)

8. Though a staunch Anti-Jacksonian, what folk hero helped subdue Richard Lawrence after he tried to assassinate President Andrew Jackson in 1835?

A: Davy Crockett
B: Geronimo

C: Wild Bil Hickok
D: Daniel Boone

LAST LIFELINE (A: Crockett)- $15K

9. Loosely meaning "four parts of an army" in Sanskrit, the Indian game Chaturanga's thought to be an early version of what?

A: Dominoe
B: Mahjong
C: Backgammon
D: Chess

FA: Chess- $500 ($21,600)

For $46,600: When Europeans saw Native Americans using it to ease kidney pain, what gem was given a Spanish name meaning "stone of the loins"?

A: Ruby
B: Pearl

C: Jade
D: Topaz

FA: Topaz (also the name of a former Mercury car; he was leaning towards that or Pearl)- LOSES $20,600 (A: Jade- he now has $51K after appearing on two GSes)

Q of the Day: In '86, what group became the first to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

A: The Everly Brothers

B: The Drifters
C: The Coasters
D: The Temptations

A: The Everly Bros.

$1K Contestant #25: Timmy Johnson (a worker for the mentally ill from the Bronx; originally from NC)

This next Q for $100K would've been about Famous Americans:

On the eve of Jul. 4, 1776, who sagely wrote that Independence Day should be celebrated annually w/ "bonfires & illuminations"?

A: Thomas Jefferson
B: Alexander Hamilton
C: John Adams

D: Benjamin Franklin

FA: Jefferson- SORRY (A: Adams)

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