Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/13

After auditioning in six different cities, Dave Ellis from East Lansing, MI finally got through on the ninth try in Toledo, OH; Meredith's already at the Hot Podium in the intro.

Pre-Randomized Rundown: Potty Trained, Animal Tech, Start the Presses, Wrong Answer, Color Coded, Auto Arrangement, Fashion Lines, Fake Tweets, At the Airport & World Dance
TT: Animal Tech, Color Coded, World Dance, Start the Presses, Potty Trained, Fake Tweets, Auto Arrangement, At the Airport, Wrong Answer & Fashion Lines

1. Believing orangutans have "an innate ability to work with touchscreen technology", a zoo project called "Apps for Apes" is providing them w/ what?

A: Etch-a-Sketches
B: iPads
D: MP3 players

FA: iPads- $2K

2. Because the human eye has a greater sensitivity to it, night vision goggles commonly display images in what color?

A: Orange
B: Green
C: Blue
D: Yellow

FA: Green- $25K ($27K)

3. Not as naughty as pole dancing, which of these's literally a Pole dance because it's traditionally performed in Poland?

A: Rumba
B: Bhangra
C: Mazurka
D: Tarantella

FA: Mazurka- $500 ($27.5K)

4. Debuting in 1889, what newspaper promised readers it would be "Published daily, except Sundays and Stock Exchange holidays"?

A: Washington Post
B: Christian Science Monitor
C: Wall Street Journal
D: Los Angeles Times

FA: WSJ- $15K ($42.5K)

5. A less crass way to say that a dog has to go to the bathroom, owners often remark that they're taking their dog "to do his" what?

A: Banking
B: Taxes
C: Business
D: Investing

FA (he says he has a 10-yr.-old Golden Retriever): Business- $7K ($49.5K)

His wife's Dawn.

6. The humorous twitter feed KimKierkegaardashian gained a cult following by mashing together the words of a reality TV star & a what?

A: Polish economist
B: German poet
C: Danish philosopher
D: Swedish film director

FA: Danish philosopher- $1K ($50.5K)

7. From '98-'10, what car model could be purchased w/ a dashboard-mounted vase for drivers to put flowers in?

A: Pontiac (Firebird) Trans-Am
C: Volkswagen Beetle
D: MINI Cooper

FA: VW Bug- $3K ($53.5K)

8. What airline allows its first-class passengers to sit in pre-flight waiting areas known as Maharaja Lounges?

A: Singapore Airlines
B: Air Jamaica
C: Air India
D: EgyptAir

FA: Air India- $100 ($53,600)

9. A humor book of real student test answers, "F in Exams" includes the answer "A little lie" on a biology test that asked "What is a" what?

A: Femur
B: Clavicle
C: Fibula
D: Ulna

FA: Fibula- $10K ($63,600)

For $68,600 Sweep: An acronym for "Love Angel Music Baby", L.A.M.B. is a fashion line created by what pop star?

A: Christina Aguilera
B: Gwen Stefani
C: Jennifer Lopez
D: Mariah Carey


A: 6%
B: 75%
C: 10%

D: 9%


CM #52:

$100K (Presidents): Which of these products shares its name w/ the childhood home of Abraham Lincoln?

A: Pepperidge Farm cookies
B: Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
C: Turkey Hill ice cream
D: Knob Creek bourbon

JUMPED (A: Knob Creek, which Meredith knew, but Dave was leaning towards Pepperidge Farm)

$250K (Nicknames): The first crash test dummy, used by the Air Force to test ejector seats, was given what nickname?

A: Sierra Sam
B: Eagle Ed
C: Cheyenne Charlie

D: Delta Dan

OUT OF LIFELINES (A: Sierra Sam- he would've missed w/ Eagle Ed)

Q of the Day: While a child in Nazi-occupied Holland, what actress helped the Dutch Resistance by smuggling messages in her shoes?

A: Audrey Hepburn
B: Grace Kelly
C: Natalie Wood
D: Vivien Leigh

A: Hepburn

$500K (Literature): In Mark Twain's famous tale, which of these was NOT one of the items children gave Tom Sawyer for the "privilege" of whitewashing the fence?

A: Brass doorknob
B: Dead rat
C: Knife handle
D: Indian arrowhead

BAILOUT AFTER ELIMINATING ARROWHEAD & RAT (A: Arrowhead- he would've lost big on the doorknob)

BTW, Paul Reese's a Buzzerblog reader.

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