Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/14

First playing on another episode where Meredith's already at the HP is Karen Kozlow from Chicago (who wants to buy a man at a place that doesn't even exist- HUSBANDS R' US; she also wants to buy a European cruise).

Pre-Randomized List: Nothing Much, Same Name, On the Road, It Takes a Village, In a Word, Eat Your Fruit, Me and My Grammys, Devilish Deities, Tribal Host & That's So Raven
TT: Same Name, It Takes a Village, That's So Raven, On the Road, Eat Your Fruit, In a Word, Tribal Host, Me and My Grammys, Devilish Deities & Nothing Much

1. As of last yr.'s "reboot" release, Emma Stone & Bryce Dallas Howard have both played what superhero's first love, Gwen Stacy?
A: "Batman"
B: "Iron Man"

C: "The Hulk"
D: "Spider-Man"


A: 7%
B: 14%

C: 7%
D: 72%

FA: "Spider-Man"- $10K

2. Touting breastfeeding & co-sleeping, The Baby Book has helped popularize what child-rearing style?

A: Authoritative parenting
B: Attachment parenting
C: Indulgent parenting
D: Permissive parenting

FA: Attachment parenting- $3K ($13K)

3. Which of the following words is used to describe a group of ravens?

A: Impatience
B: Unkindness
C: Disregard
D: Wretchedness

(A: Unkindness)- $1K

4. W/ a section of it known as "Redwood Highway", U.S. Route 101 runs through what state?


FA: CA- $7K ($20K)

5. Which of these fruits are good sources of lycopene, an antioxidant that Dr. Oz says helps replenish skin cells & prevent wrinkles?

A: Blueberries
B: Watermelons
C: Bananas

D: Pears

FA: Blueberries- LOSS (A: Watermelons)

The other player of this show's another former "Jeopardy!" contestant- Morgan Saxby from Richmond, VA! He's currently a Fifth Grade teacher & has a wife named Heather.

TT: Kitchen Tricks, Famous Names, Prayer Music, Santa Spotted, All Backed Up, State Fair, Small Writing, Cosmic Couple, It's No Seattle & Don't Be a Square

1. food NETWORK's Jamie Oliver suggests turning your roaster on its side so you can make which of the following?

B: Grilled cheese
C: Fluffernutter

D: Sloppy Joe

FA: Grilled cheese- $2K

2. French diplomat Jean Nicot's remembered for lending his last name to a substance commonly found in what products?

A: Chocolate bars
B: Beer
C: Cigarettes
D: Soda

FA: Cigarettes- $5K ($7K)

3. Which of these "prayerful" songs was a Top 10 hit the earliest?

A: "Livin' on a Prayer"
B: "Like a Prayer"
C: "I Say a Little Prayer"
D: "Save a Prayer"


A: 8%
B: 6%
C: 78%
D: 8%

FA: "I Say a Little Prayer"- $1K ($8K)

4. In Norman Rockwell's painting "The Day After Christmas", what's Santa doing?

A: Taking a nap
B: Feeding the reindeer

C: Opening presents
D: Eating Christmas dinner

FA: Taking a nap- $10K ($18K)

5. Which one of these physical maladies is also a word used to describe lots of traffic?

A: Indigestion
B: Constipation
C: Dehydration

D: Congestion

FA: Congestion- $15K ($33K)

6. Which of these's an actual event at the Iowa State Fair?

A: Hog makeover contest
B: Hay eating contest
C: Decorated diaper contest
D: Cow patty skeet shooting

JUMPED (A: Decorated diaper contest)- $100

7. In one of his published letters, what author admitted "I am in fact a Hobbit (in all but size)"?

A: H.P. Lovecraft
B: J.R.R. Tolkien

C: C.S. Lewis
D: H.G. Wells

FA: Tolkien- $500 ($33.5K)

8. In 2011, two asteroids named after what on-screen pair passed each other approximately 200M miles from Earth?

A: Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet
B: Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams
C: Richard Gere & Julia Roberts
D: Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan

OTHER JUMP TAKEN (A: Hanks & Ryan)- $3K

9. What large world city has over 11M residents & is nicknamed "Cidade da Garoa", or the "City of Drizzle"?

A: Kinshasa
B: Bogota
C: Sao Paulo
D: Lima

FA: Sao Paulo- $7K ($40.5K)

Q of the Day: In the U.S., ski slopes for intermediate skiers are marked by what symbol?

A: Blue square
B: White triangle
C: Red circle
D: Green diamond

A: Blue square

For $65.5K: Meaning "square of squared square", what number's the zenzizenzizenzic of the number two?

A: Four
B: 16
C: 256

D: 65,536

FA: 256- YES

CM #53:


$100K (U.S. History): While Aaron Burr famously shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel in Weehawken, NJ in 1804, who was shot in a duel on the same spot in 1801?

A: Burr's brother
B: Hamilton's father

C: Hamilton's son
D: Burr's uncle

A: Hamilton's son (he would've been right)

Nevertheless, he now has a five-day total of $133,901!

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