Friday, February 15, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/15

The last featured player this week's retired Philadelphia teacher Antoinette Donaldson (she used to teach for 33 yrs.).

Categories Before Randomizing: Apt Apps, Video Jargon, Special Displays, The Cost of Living, It's Only Natural, Early Childhood, Border Towns, Attractive Terms, Prize Winnings & Giddyup
TT: Video Jargon, Special Displays, Apt Apps, It's Only Natural, Border Towns, The Cost of Living, Attractive Terms, Giddyup, Early Childhood & Prize Winnings

1. Opening for the Ramones at CBGB in '75, what group took its name from a TV term used to describe footage of interviewees?

A: Talking Heads
B: Blondie
C: The Go-Go's
D: Oingo Boingo


A: 88%
B & C: 5% each
D: 2%

FA: Talking Heads- $500

2. Located in his hometown of Ryazan, Russia, a museum dedicated to what notable figure features a taxidermied dog on display?

A: Karl Marx
B: Ivan Pavlov
C: Boris Pasternak
D: Leo Tolstoy

FA: Pavlov- TRIPLE

3. What food brand has a Jiggle-It app in which users can play a song on an iPhone & watch a cube of the food jiggle to it?

A: Wonder
C: Vlasic
D: Velveeta

FA: JELL-O- $7K ($8.5K)

4. As slimy as they sound, snotties are collections of bacterial growth that ooze in what places?

A: Icebergs
B: Deserts
C: Caves
D: Meteor crators

FA: Caves- $10K ($18.5K)

5. As a reflection of the neighboring state, a small town on the southern border of VA has what hybrid name?

A: Virgibama
B: Virgylavania
C: Virgilina
D: Virgippi

FA: Virgilina- $2K ($20.5K)

6. For decades, New Yorkers have noted the Pizza Principle, which states that the price of a slice sticks remarkably close to the cost of what?

A: A pound of lox
B: A subway ride
C: An hour of parking
D: A ticket to a Mets game

FA: Subway ride- $100 ($20,600)

7. A "sapiosexual" is strongly attracted to someone's what?

A: Appearance
B: Clothing
C: Intelligence
D: Lifestyle

JUMP USED (A: Intelligence)- $5K

8. Though its last official combat cavalry division was dissolved in the 1950s, horse-mounted U.S. troops did engage in battle during what conflict?

A: War in Afghanistan
B: Korean War
C: Gulf War
D: Vietnam War

FA: War in Afghanistan- $25K ($45,600)

9. According to a University of Dundee study, the influence of '50s TV on baby boomers' formative yrs. has increased their likelihood to what?

A: Distrust socialist politics
B: Have a fallout shelter
C: Live in the suburbs
D: Dream in black & white

FA: Dream in B & W- $15K ($60,600)

For $63,600: What major awards ceremony initially presented its male winners w/ a scroll, money clip & a cigarette lighter?

A: Grammys
B: Tonys
C: Emmys
D: Academy Awards/OSCARS

NO MORE LIFELINES (A: Tonys- she would've lost w/ the Emmys)

CM #54:

$100K (Bible Studies): In football, what would a "Hail Mary" pass be called if it was named after the Biblical text from which the prayer derives?

A: Gospel of Matthew pass
B: Gospel of Mark pass
C: Gospel of Luke pass
D: Gospel of John pass

FA: Gospel of Matthew pass (A: Gospel of Luke pass)

Q of the Day: Groundhog Day's traced to German immigrants who observed a similar tradition in their homeland w/ which of these animals?

A: Badgers
B: Beavers
C: Moles
D: Rabbits

A: Badgers

$1K Contestant #26: Charlene Galenski (an elementary principal from Deerfield, MA who retired on Halloween)

This quarter-million-dollar Q would've been about Inventions:

Decades before NY's first subway trains, inventor Alfred Beach had a working model designed to transport people underground in what?

A: Pneumatic tubes
B: Gondolas
C: Rickshaws
D: Horse-drawn carts

FA: Carts- NOPE (A: Tubes)

(Final notes: As of this season, next week's Million Dollar Movie Week has been named "Millionaire's Countdown to The OSCARS". There will be a red carpet for intros & a Hollywood sign above the big gameboard.)

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