Monday, February 18, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/18

First to play on the Hollywood-themed set's Michael Polityka from Virginia Beach.

(Note: There are filmstrips on the entrance lighting & a guy named Anders escorts Meredith onto the stage, at least for today.)

And remember to go to the show's website for your chance to go to the OSCARS.

Pre-Randomized Topics: End Credits, Hollywood Lingo, Mammoth Rappers, Silly Sequel, Movie Analogies, Six Minute OSCARS, Movie Cameos, An Actor's Muse, Movie Murders & Nickname Origins
TT: Movie Analogies, Silly Sequel, An Actor's Muse, End Credits, Mammoth Rappers, Six Minute OSCARS, Nickname Origins, Hollywood Lingo, Movie Cameos & Movie Murders

1. The tagline for "This Is Spinal Tap" claimed the film "...does for sex, drugs and rock n' roll what 'Sound for Music' did for..." what?

A: Rivers
B: Hills
C: Flowers
D: Deserts

FA: Hills- $500

2. On the 3/29/12 episode of "CONAN", Will Ferrell played a flute solo while dressed as Ron Burgundy to announce the sequel to what film?

A: "Anchorman"
B: "Old School"
C: "Talladega Nights"
D: "Elf"

"Anchorman"- $15K ($15.5K)

3. Which actor said he created his most famous character by combining Katharine Hepburn's voice & Charles Mansion's facial expression?

A: Tom Hanks
B: Ben Kingsley
C: Jack Nicholson
D: Anthony Hopkins


A: 8%
B: 2%
C: 43%

D: 47%

JUMPED (A: Hopkins, which he also was leaning towards)- $25K

4. What '09 movie's end credits include the factoid "Mastering the Art of French Cooking is now in its 49th printing"?

A: "It's Complicated"
B: "The Blind Side"
C: "Julie & Julia"

D: "The Proposal"

FA: "Julie & Julia"- $5K ($20.5K)

5. Thankfully, rapper Nicki Minaj didn't have to gain a ton of weight to play the voice of Steffie, a wooly mammoth, in what '12 animated movie?

A: "Brave"
B: "Ice Age: Continental Drift"
C: "Madagascar 3"
D: "The Lorax"

FA: "Ice Ace: Continental Drift"- $7K ($27.5K)

6. Thought to be the shortest performance ever to win an OSCAR, Beatrice Straight appears for less than six minutes in what film?

A: "Indochine"
B: "Network"
C: "Enchanted April"
D: "Shakespeare in Love"


7. Reality star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has admitted her distinctive nickname came from a male character in what '01 film?

A: "American Pie 2"
B: "Monsters, Inc."
C: "Save the Last Dance"
D: "The Fast and the Furious"

WALKS W/ $13,750 (A: "Save the Last Dance"; he really thought it was "The Fast and the Furious")

Wearing a tuxedo T-shirt's Player #2, Denise Ramsden from Chicago (who had a college nickname of LD for "Loud Denise"). Also wearing similar shirts are her mom Linda & dad Bob.

TT: Thumbs Down, Movie Magic, Movie Mag, Movie Lingo, Taglines, Film Posters, Funny Films, Supporting Roles, Follow the Rules & Short and Sweet

1. What '10 film's characters did Roger Ebert pan as four "flyweight bubbleheads" whose "...defining quality is consuming things"?

A: "Shrek Forever After"
B: "Date Night"
C: "How to Train Your Dragon"
D: "Sex and the City 2"

FA: "Sex and the City 2"- $1K

2. W/ Radiator Springs Racers as its major attraction, what film-inspired "Land" opened at Disney California Adventure last yr.?

A: "Cars Land"
B: "Lorax Land"
C: "Madagascar Land"
D: "Toy Story Land"

FA: "Cars Land"- x16

3. In the film "Rosemary Baby", Rosemary's briefly seen flipping through the famous "Is God Dead?" issue of what magazine?

A: Esquire
B: The New Yorker

D: Newsweek


A: 4%
B: 14%

C: 77%
D: 5%

FA: TIME- $2K ($18K)

4. Because they frequently feature horses, what kind of movies are slangily referred to as "oaters"?

A: Romances
B: Musicals
C: Thrillers
D: Westerns

FA: Westerns- $10K ($28K)

5. What cult film featured the tagline "Her life was in their hands. Now her tole is in the mail"?

A: "Pulp Fiction"
B: "The Big Lebowski"
C: "Fight Club"

D: "Donnie Darko"

FA: "The Big Lebowski"- $5K ($33K)

6. When it was released, what movie's posters showed dog tags in place of the two O's in its title?

A: "Cool Hand Luke"
B: "Goodfellas"
C: "Platoon"
D: "There Will Be Blood"

FA: "Platoon"- $7K ($40K)

7. According to a study for the European movie subscription service Lovefilm, at 3.0 laughs per min., what's the funniest film of all time?

A: "American Pie"
B: "Airplane!"

C: "A Fish Called Wanda"
D: "Caddyshack"

JUMPED (A: "Airplane!")- $3K

8. What film inspired the release of a slab of beef action figure called "The Meat"?

A: "The Godfather"
B: "Lethal Weapon"
C: "Star Wars"
D: "Rocky"

FA: "Rocky"- $100 ($40,100)

Q of the Day: In the movie "Ghostbusters", what kind of vehicle serves as the Ghostbusters' "Ectomobile"?

A: Ice cream truck
B: School bus
C: Winnebago
D: Ambulance

A: Ambulance

To Return Tomorrow: "You can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week" & "...on Wednesdays, we wear pink" are important rules for the popular clique in what '04 film?

A: "Clueless"
B: "Mean Girls"
C: "Bring It On"
D: "High School Musical"

FA: "Mean Girls"- $500 ($40,600)

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