Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/19

For $65,600: What 1950s film's the shortest Best Picture winner ever at 89 min. long?

A: "All About Eve"
B: "Ben-Hur"
C: "Gigi"
D: "Marty"

FA: "Marty"- RIGHT

CM #55:


$100K (First Line, Please): Not delivered until 25 min. into the film, what was the first line of spoken dialogue in "2001: A Space Odyssey"?

A: "One moment, please"
B: "Everything is ready"
C: "Allow me, Captain"

D: "Here you are, Sir"

A: "Here you are, Sir"

$250K (AFI): Of the following actors, who appears in the most films on AFI's most recent list of the Top 100 American Movies?

A: Al Pacino
B: Dustin Hoffman
C: Jack Nicholson
D: Robert Duvall

A: Duvall (she was first thinking Pacino, then Nicholson)

The first (& maybe only) newbie this afternoon's Tim McMahon from Perrysburgh, OH; his girlfriend's Ashley.

TT: Losing It, Film Homage, Murphy Comedy, Non-Smoking, First Name Basis, Dis-inspiration, Fake Fake Fake, Spiffy Sneakers, Stealing Movies & Bring Home the Gold

1. Starring John Hawkes & Helen Hunt, the '12 film "The Sessions" recounts a therapeutic relationship between a virgin in his 30s & a what?

A: Gay divorcee
B: Sex surrogate
C: High school crush
D: Elderly lover

JUMPS ALREADY (A: Sex surrogate)- $7K

2. W/ characters named "Mr. Brown" & "Mr. Blue", the '74 film "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three" parallels what Quentin Tarantino film?

A: "Kill Bill Vol. 1"
B: "Reservoir Dogs"
C: "Pulp Fiction"

D: "Inglourious Basterds"

FA: "Reservoir Dogs"- $15K

3. In "Coming to America", Eddie Murphy's character understandably believes that he can find a wife in what NYC burrough?

A: Staten Island
B: Bronx
C: Brooklyn
D: Queens

FA: Queens- $3K ($18K)

4. Which of these smoky-sounding movies actually doesn't depict any of its characters smoking a cigarette during the film?

A: "Coffee and Cigarettes"
B: "Thank You For Smoking"
C: "200 Cigarettes"
D: "Smoke"


A: 9%
B: 8%
C: 24%

D: 59%

FA: "Smoke"- SHOT DOWN BY EL CHEAPO (A: "Thank You For Smoking")

Last up's scheduled to be Josh Darby from Richland, WA.

TT: In Other Words, Action Movie Tips, "The Bad News Bears", Fan Editing, Major Love Letters, Tied Up & Happy, Busy Actors, '80s Films, Actors Down Under & Acting Methods

1. What '12 hit film was referred to by one writer as "The Full Monty lite, Miami-style"?

B: "Magic Mike"
C: "Rock of Ages"
D: "Total Recall"

FA: "Magic Mike"- $7K

2. After a kayaking accident in Chile, OH senator Rob Portman purposely slammed his dislocated shoulder into a rock, a trick he said he learned from what film?

A: "The Rock"
B: "Lethal Weapon 2"
C: "Die Hard 2"
D: "Con Air"

JUMPED (A: "Leather Weapon 2")- $100

3. In the '76 comedy "The Bad News Bears", what's the name of the business that sponsors the lowly Bears?

A: Chico's Bail Bonds
B: Dino's Discount Liquor
C: Gino's Gentlemen's Club
D: Rico's Check Cashing

FA: Chico's Bail Bonds- $500 ($7.5K)

Q of the Day: In the famous opening scene from the '70 movie "Patton", General Patton gave a speech in front of what backdrop?

A: Statue of Liberty
B: Military cemetery
C: American flag
D: The White House

A: American flag

To Return: Created by a "Star Wars" fan, the "Machete Order" suggests watching the films out of sequence, & completely skipping which of these films?

A: "Revenge of the Sith"
B: "The Phantom Menace"
C: "Return of the Jedi"
D: "The Empire Strikes Back"


A: 24%
B: 56%
C: 14%
D: 6%

FA: "The Phantom Menace"- $15K ($22.5K)

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