Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/20

5. An aging Rock star, a sex scene stand-in & the Prime Minister all search for love at Christmastime in what British romcom?

A: "Notting Hill"
B: "Bridget Jones's Diary"
C: "Love Actually"

D: "Shakespeare in Love"

FA: "Love Actually" (a movie Josh & Jeff argue over frequently)- $10K ($32.5K)

6. In a rare tie, the '68 OSCAR for Best Actress went to Katharine Hepburn & what other actress?

A: Elizabeth Taylor
B: Julie Andrews
C: Barbra Streisand

D: Sophia Loren

JUMPED (A: Streisand)- $2K

7. Which of these romantic lead actors starred in both "He's Just Not That Into You" & "Valentine's Day"?

A: Ashton Kutcher
B: Bradley Cooper
C: Ben Affleck

D: Patrick Dempsey

WALKS W/ $16,250 (A: Cooper; he would've guessed Kutcher)

Walking down their red carpet next's Amanda Davis from Crowley, TX.

TT: I'm Confused, Funny Cameos, Vowel Power, Based on Real Events, Movie Nerds, No Talking Please, Spoiler Alert, Similar Plots, Weird Families & Bear Lovers

1. According to the IMDB, what straight-to-video film's "a prequel to a prequel of a sequel of a remake"?

A: "Weekend at Bernie's II"
B: "National Lampoon's Last Resort"
C: "The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior"
D: "Transmorphers"

JUMPS (A: "The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior")- $5K

2. In the '09 film "Funny People", Seth Rogen said to what comedian playing himself "I thought everybody loved you"?

A: Ray Romano
B: Steve Carell

C: Jerry Seinfeld
D: Dave Chappelle

FA: Romano- $15K

3. What OSCAR-winning movie role was played by an actress whose name includes the vowels A, E, I, O & U once each?

A: Norma Rae
B: Clarice Starling
C: Erin Brockovich
D: Mary Poppins

FA: Erin Brockovich- $25K ($40K)

4. Which one of these 2012 movies was based on real events?

A: "Frankenweenie"
B: "Argo"
C: "Life of Pi"

D: "Looper"

FA: "Argo"- $2K ($42K)

5. Showing their love of puns as well as movies, superfans of what '70s film call themselves "FINaddicts"?

A: "Alien"
B: "Jaws"
C: "Dirty Harry"
D: "Rocky"

FA: "Jaws"- $3K ($45K)

Her mom's Linda.

6. For purists who note the brief dialogue in "The Artist", what '20s classic's the only fully silent film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture?

A: "The General"
B: "Metropolis"
C: "The Thief of Bagdad"

D: "Wings"

FA: "Wings"- $100 ($45,100)

7. How did the '60 movie "Psycho" end?

A: Norman was buried alive
B: Norman escaped to Mexico

C: Norman sat in a jail cell
D: Norman was shot by Marion

FA: Norman sat in a jail cell- $10K ($55,100)

8. Reese Witherspoon joked that the plots in her films "How Do You Know", "Water For Elephants" & "This Means War" were all part of her what?

A: Dying young stage
B: Ghost story phase
C: Love triangle period
D: Amnesia triology

FA: Love triangle period- $1K ($56,100)

9. Which of the following's NOT the title of a campy '80s film?

A: "My Stepmother is an Alien"
B: "My Sister's a Ghost"
C: "My Best Friend is a Vampire"
D: "My Mom's a Werewolf"

OTHER JtQ (A: "My Sister's a Ghost")

For $63,100: In the raunchy comedy "Ted", what singer makes a surprise appearance as one of the talking Teddy Bear's former lovers?

A: Lauryn Hill
B: Carrie Underwood
C: Norah Jones
D: Gwen Stefani


Q of the Day: What Tom Cruise movie enticed viewers w/ the punny tagline "When he pours, he reigns"?

A: "Far and Away"
B: "Jerry Maguire"
C: "All the Right Moves"
D: "Cocktail"

CM #56:

$100K & To Return (Hooray for Bollywood): The Bollywood film considered to have the highest worldwide gross ever goes by what surprising title?

A: "Untamed Virgin"
B: "Terrible In-laws"
C: "3 Idiots"
D: "Space Mongoose"


A: 26%
B: 12%
C: 30%
D: 32%

FA: "3 Idiots"- WIN

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