Monday, February 04, 2013

"Millionaire" 2/4

Jeff Greenstein's HS Math teaching skills should be at least put to the test today (he's from White Plains, NY). 

Pre-Randomized Categories: Thanks for Chering, Auto Brands, Model at the Market, Movie Quotes, Word Origins, Tourist Trap, Go, Team, Law Partners, Name Change & Artificial Selection
TT: Thanks for Chering, Movie Quotes, Go, Team, Tourist Trap, Auto Brands, Model at the Market, Name Change, Law Partners, Word Origins & Artificial Selection

1. According to Cher, "Men should be like..." what because they're "...soft, strong & disposable"?

A: Clorox
B: Brillo
C: Kleenex
D: Chap-Stick

FA: Kleenex- $2K

2. A famous quote from Alexander Pope can be created by adding the word "eternal" to which of these 2012 film titles?

A: "Think Like a Man"
B: "Hope Springs"
C: "The Watch"
D: "This Means War"

FA: "Hope Springs"- $25K ($27K)

His wife's Dana.

3. Which of the following celebrities has never worked as a cheerleader for a professional sports team?

A: Pam Grier
B: Teri Hatcher

C: Paula Abdul
D: Lucy Liu


A: 23%
B: 9%
C: 6%
D: 62%

FA: Liu- $10K ($37K)

4. Inspired by a Colorado town, which of the following's a verb that means to become a tourist destination at the risk of alienating local residents?

A: Renoize
B: Wacoize

C: Aspenize
D: Salemize

FA: Aspenize- $3K ($40K)

5. Because of their impressive fuel-efficiency, a type of compact car produced in Germany has what intelligent name?

A: witty car
B: wise car
C: shrewd car
D: smart car

FA: smart- $5K ($45K)

6. Ronzoni is a supermarket brand that promotes its products w/ a "deliciously entertaining cooking diva" named what?

A: Eggs MacPherson
B: Cheese L. Bundchen
C: Pasta Evangelista
D: Fish E. Turlington

FA: Pasta Evangelista- $7K ($52K)

7. Commonly referred to as a "forty", what would the same-sized bottle of malt liquor be called if converted to milliliters?

A: Five hundred fifty
B: Seven hundred ten
C: Nine hundred twelve
D: Eleven hundred eighty

JUMPED AFTER TAKING A WHILE TO WORK IT OUT (A: 1,120, which he was slightly leaning towards; he was also thinking 912)- $100

8. Coincidentally, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren was replaced in 1969 by a C.J. w/ what full name?

A: Earl Burger Warren
B: Earl Warren Burger
C: Warren Earl Burger
D: Warren Burger Earl

FA: Warren Earl Burger- $1K ($53K)

9. Though each of the following could be used as a "man cave", which room in the house actually takes its name, in part, from an early Dutch word for "cave"?

A: Attic
B: Den
C: Garage
D: Study

FA: Den- $15K ($68K)

For $68.5K: By targeting brown pigment w/ his laser, a Laguna Beach, CA doctor recently developed technology that gives people what?

A: Blue eyes
B: Red fingernails
C: Translucent moles

D: Blonde hair

JUMPED (A: Blue eyes)

Q of the Day: In a popular children's rhyme, who's "dressed in black, black, black" w/ silver buttons "...all down her back, back, back"?

A: Miss Mary Mack
B: Miss Susie Shack

C: Miss Fanny Flack
D: Miss Tammy Tack

A: Miss Mary Mack

CM #47:

$100K (World Geography): Although it sounds like a mythical place to find single guys, the Isle of Man's actually a self-governing dependency located off the coast of what?

A: England
B: Denmark
C: France
D: Sweden


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